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Hi all,

Another whitepaper landing in my Inbox - Attached is a whitepaper for using the NBU agent in NBU 6.5.4 to backup EV8. Enjoy.

Link to technote -

Thanks, it's a very useful document.

I would like more info about the performance of the backups with and without the agent. Does using the agent we get faster backups?
As vault stores and indexing partitions contain a lot of small files the backups are glacially slow and are taking a very long time.

Is there some best practice numbers to limit the size of the open partitions?

We see a lot of customers try to limit partition sizes to the size of something they feel comfortable backing up...
I've seen customers typically use 200GB, 250GB, 300GB or 500GB.
We have the new Vault Store Partition Rollover feature in EV 8.0 which could be used to help enfoce this.

Take a look in the EV 8.0 Introduction & Planning Guide... there is some general guidance in the "Vault Store Groups and Vault Stores" section which you can link to from here:


Make sure you look at the 'collections' feature on your EV Vault Store Partitions to help reduce the number of files to back up.