Backup & Recovery


With ever growing volumes of data in typical organizations and increasing scrutiny around management and retention of that data, companies are beginning to seek more cost-effective ways to scale their storage environments. In  particular, with email and file server growth, IT administrators are struggling with the challenges of providing high levels of service to users while staying within realistic IT budgets.

Thousands of customers have implemented Enterprise Vault™ since 1999 for archiving of Microsoft® Exchange email, Microsoft® Windows® or Network Appliance file systems, Microsoft SharePoint® documents, instant messages and other content. Enterprise Vault helped address customer challenges in this area by allowing IT organizations to automatically migrate data from primary disk storage locations to more cost-effective secondary disk storage locations, such as serial ATA environments.

Enterprise Vault customers are able to preserve a seamless user experience (so that endusers do not have to change their behavior to access archived data), while ensuring data reduction on the back end through compression and single-instance storage. IT organizations have been able to better adhere to internal and external policies around retention and destruction of this data, while providing tools for IT, legal, and end-users to securely perform searches against archived content – for information access, legal discovery and communication supervision. However, not all customers have a need to keep archived data on disk – even if it is nearline disk such as serial ATA. Indeed, many customers have archived data that is expected to be accessed very infrequently, and tape and other traditional backup media present a compelling and cost-effective alternative for long-term archive data storage. Customers are observing that as information moves through its lifecycle of use, its access frequency and performance requirements diminish.

At the same time, customers have already typically invested in a large data protection infrastructure managed by Veritas NetBackup™, including backup media servers, libraries, tape drives, media and management processes. These customers are often reluctant to set up a completely separate environment for managing archived media.

With the release of Veritas Enterprise Vault 6.0 in July of 2005, customers can now have the best of both worlds and meet their business data management needs in a more cost-effective fashion. Through integration between NetBackup and Enterprise Vault, customers are now able to define automatic, policy-based migration strategies to move archived data from disk managed by Enterprise Vault to tape or other media managed by NetBackup – leveraging  the same existing backup infrastructure customers already have today.

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