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Customer Environment:

The is the information of the company that I worked which had a global business and IT consulting firm supporting more than 200+ active customers and technical employee base of more than 700+. It had customer base spread across retail, healthcare, telecommunications, technology and manufacturing.

As a certified company with ISO2700001 standards, we had to maintain certain standards when it came to backup data. With dedicated team spread across the global exclusive managing backups, huge investments were done on the business critical applications and projects to safe guard the data by backing up.

Customer Challenges:

They had previously been using Competing Enterprise Software for the backups. However as the size of the business critical databases grow requirement of backups increased substantially. Competing Enterprise Software was unable to scale to cope up with this state of the infrastructure. Backups routinely came to a halt, incoming emails were stopped and each time there was a problem, it involved going through Competing Enterprise Software support centre in Australia and other regions which was a time consuming and expensive affair. The IT leaders quickly realized that this reached it high risk situation, when they were unable to backup their data adequately with the Competing Enterprise Software for close to eight months.

Had to take a call of giving away with Competing Enterprise Software, the customer decided to look in for a new vendor to take charge of their backups. Our IT partners were with us in evaluating new backup project with us, together vendors like other Competing Enterprise Software and veritas before deciding to go ahead with VERITAS Netbackup solution.

List of few concerns the customer had along with the

  • Nonstandard backup configurations across sites, high incident ( backup failures ), centralization of backup management
  • To interface with vendor and relevant teams
  • To Ensure each of infrastructure is backed
  • To provide 24 x 7 support for backup monitoring,


VERITAS Netbackup provided the product to customer for a no-cost trial for a month. A skilled and certified engineer was based on customer site for couple of days to introduce the product and demonstrate the product functionality to the technical / backup group.

During the trail, the VERITAS Netbackup solution impressed the customer with its simple and manageable system that was able to provide full protection to all the database and application data in customer’s heterogeneous environment quickly and very straightforwardly. The customer team was very quickly able to get the grips with the user friendly management interface and run detailed reports that could be easily customized. Troubleshooting were required no longer took days and the entire team felt comfortable using the system.

Implementation Phase
  • Taken down the list of servers that needs to be backed
  • Segregated the database and application servers backups
  • Huge data size backups were converted into San Media Servers
  • Automated backup infrastructure failure notification to reduce the manual efforts of drives down monitoring, scratch levels administration
  • Developed internal scripts for monitoring the Vaults, NDMP report outs, exclude list comparison, policy management thus ensuring customer is confident on our operations

Customer Benefits

Reduced Maintenance Cost:

When customer was using Competing Enterprise Software for their backups, they needed a dedicated resource just to manage and monitor backups. As VERITAS Netbackup has a simple and user friendly management interface, there is no longer a need for a dedicated resource on the backups thereby freeing up valuable resource and savings power cost as well

Faster and more reliable backups:

After eight months of painful and intermittent backups using Competing Enterprise Software the team had finally been able to relax with the VERITAS backup and recovery running smoothly and managing to backup databases on SQL, Oracle and Exchange on both windows and Unix environments without any hindrance. Since implementing VERITAS Netbackup backup and recovery, the customer has been able to reduce their backup window to less than 5 hours compared to Competing Enterprise Software backup’s windows of 6 hours, a deduction of 30%. Customer employees enjoyed greater productivity as backups no longer slow down or halt their PC’s , disrupting their work day and in turn hamper their customer output. With VERITAS Netbackup it’s all working fine, people are happy and administrators are relaxed

High and reliable restore rate was the major achievement as with Competing Enterprise Software the recovery time was huge because of the nature of backup methodology used led the data to spread across different / various media hence recovery time is considered to be time consuming.

Improved Support:

Where the customer used to wait for days and weeks for a response from Competing Enterprise Software center's, they now can receive support quickly and easily with a free local support hotline that is manned by VERITAS Netbackup support staff globally, with the level of engineers supporting normal, business critical, and system down are treated differently and the level of resource engagement is remarkable and stupendous. Symantec team is known to involve software development team into a bug fix kind of an issue wherever applicable. In the past 4 months we have been using VERITAS Netbackup, we had only one technical problem that got immediately addressed and closed. Customer now feels confident that any support issues will be addressed immediately and resolved quickly.

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