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OpsCenter  Ver

(No data in reports error fixed summary)





Phase 1



àFroze the cluster and stopped Ops center.


àBacked up database

   D:\program files\symantec\opscenter\bin> dbbackup


àBacked up the opscenterserversrv.xml file


àChanged "-Xmx " from 4096M to 6144M (from 4GB to 6GB) in opscenterserversrv.xml file



àSimplified the database server startup and corrected a type (of the extra -m)

   File: Server_db_conf_server.conf





-n Opscenter_usclusrpt01 -x tcpip(LocalOnly=YES;ServerPort=13786) -gd DBA -gk DBA -gl DBA –gp

 4096 -ti 0 -c 8G -ch 20G  -cl 4G -zl -os 1M -m -o

"D;\Program Files\symantec\Opscenter\server\db\log\server.log" -m




-n Opscenter_usclusrpt01 -x tcpip(LocalOnly=YES;ServerPort=13786) -gd DBA -gk DBA -gl DBA -gp

4096 -ti 0 -c  20G  -cs -os 1M -m -o

"D;\Program Files\symantec\Opscenter\server\db\log\server.log"


Increased Database memory from 8GB to 20GB (Total physical Memory 32GB)

2GB for GUI







Phase 2


àRemoved VMware access hosts name usvhildcms02 from master server



àIncreased client timeout from 10 mins to 1 hour,

    by adding below line in /opt/SYMCOpsCenter/config








àRestarted Opscenter

   D:\program files\symantec\opscenter\bin> Opsadmin stop

   D:\program files\symantec\opscenter\bin> Opsadmin start



àOpscenter web GUI

         Settings à configuration à usvhvoilms001 à Data Collection Disable

                                                                                 à Data Collection Enable




àCurrently working on replicate the same settings over to the configuration on the inactive node “usnjnbrpt01”

    After that I will unfreeze the cluster.



Phase 3


Appliance Hardware Data collection Error ---fixed


After reviewing logs from master server and Opscenter, data collection on appliance hardware is failing because an invalid appliance hostname “nb-appliance” was added in the appliance media server list


$ nbemmcmd -listhosts         

NBEMMCMD, Version:7.1

The following hosts were found:


media              nb-appliance



$ vmoprcmd -devmon hs   | grep nb-appliance                                                                                    


                           HOST STATUS

Host Name                                  Version   Host Status

=========================================  =======   ===========

nb-appliance                               710700    DEACTIVATED




We try deactivating but still opscenter trying to get hardware information from master server for the appliance media server “nb-appliance”


After confirming from Mila/Cleveland

I deleted the media sever hostname “nb-appliance” with command


nbemmcmd –deletehost –machinename nb-appliance –machinetype media



After deleting, Data collection on appliance hardware is success.