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Backing up ME 2007 Database on Symantec Backup Exec 2012

OS Info Symantec Backup Exec Version :   2012 Operation System :Windows 2008 R2 Errors Install BE 2012 on New Servver ,and install windows servers successfully  .We found that we can see all exchange server names .But only can backup files on those s...

CPC Corporation Trusts Symantec for Backup & Recovery

CPC Corporation Taiwan, a state-run petroleum enterprise, has served the people of Taiwan since 1946. With responsibilities spread across several departments, it’s imperative for CPC Corporation Taiwan’s IT management to be streamlined and efficient....

Tapes and Deduplication - Storage Lifecycle Policies

I wanted to share a data collection I did today, while working with IT Solutions, deciding the best approach on how we were going to continue sending our backups Offsite. We're running about 12000 jobs per weekend, 3000 of those going offsite on Tape...

When backup sets are deleted under DLM

In BE 2012, when you use fixed disk, the storage that would be created is called Disk Storage.  When you store a backup set in a Disk Storage, you can specify the retention period for the backup set.  The management of this backup set is done through...

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Restore I : Redirect Restore SQL Database to Another machine

This is my first article on symantec connect. Many people know how to backup data, file but when their server goes down they don't know how to restore the database, and email at that time. I think we need to study further on the restore solution. Thi...

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