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New EV Best Practice Paper: EV on VMware

I’m really pleased to announce the availability of an excellent new, long-awaited, and much anticipated Best Practice Paper on configuring EV in VMware environments.  This has been written by Dan Strydom, from the EV TFE team, and is based on input f...

Best Practices for Document Retention

Here you will find the two great downloadable resources for your organization when it comes to setting up document retention policies. One of the documents is a template for a typical document retention policy and the other is a best practices Guide ...

How to avoid duplicate FSA Archives and other considerations

What are ArchivePoints? First a differentiation needs to be made between Archives and ArchivePoints (AP). An AP is the root of a Folder or Volume target on the file server which defines the entry point for items that will be archived into the r...

REVISE - Audited Privileged Delete

   Does your business work with European organizations? Do you have a European office or affiliate? Have you received a request to delete specific items in your archives?   If you have an office in Europe, or work with European based businesses, then...

Wayne_Humphrey by Level 6
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How to know the Creation Date of User's Archive.

In situation where we need to know when the user enable for archiving. This information can be taken from SQL database by these SQL query. SELECT MbxDisplayName AS 'Mailbox', ExchangeComputer AS 'Exchange Server', MbxItemCount AS '#Items (Mailb...

Aju by Not applicable
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EV Dashboard 0.17 available for download

Hi all, Ev Dashboard 0.17 is now available for download from Below is  the low-down on the most recent changes: Bug fix: Dates are now written into the EVDashboard database using ISO format regardless of locale (YYYY/MM/D...

EV Dashboard Changelog

Change Log To-do list Include XML file reading in IgnoreArchiveBitTrigger.asp.Not all pages have corresponding Export.asp files for exporting data to Excel.Update CSS to move the filter button to the search bar on all relevant ASP pages. - Fixed in 0...

How collections and sparse collections work

One feature of Enterprise Vault is the use of Collections, where Enterprise Vault will collect multiple items into a Collection which is a Microsoft Cabinet (CAB) file. The main use for doing this is to help with backup times. For instance if you h...

JesusWept3 by Level 6
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EV Dashboard 0.15 available for download...

Guys and Girls, I have uploaded version 0.15 to feel free to download and take a look. Hopefully below I can outline the changes and updates I have recently made. Most if not all SQL queries have been updated so the data c...

Creating a custom report for Symantec Enterprise Vault, Discovery Accelerator (8.0 and higher) - Part 2; Search Submitter, Accepter, and Search Criteria

 Search Submitter, Accepter, and Search Criteria In this blog post, we’ll extend our last custom report (see Part 1 of this series) to also include the system ID of the user who created a search, accepted the search results into the case, and what th...

NickW by Level 2
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EV 7 to EV 8 - Upgrade Plan

Dear All, As you all know that EV 8 has been launched and has much more tweaks and enhancements. Attached within is the EV upgrade plan for all of them looking for upgrading their archival infrastructure from EV 7 to EV 8 - latest version. Happy ...

Deepak_W by Level 6
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EV Dashboard 0.13 available for download.

It is now possible to use the EnterpriseVaultDirectory, through EV Dashboard to give you Mailbox Aliases and Exchange Legacy DNs. I forget which third party tool uses these, however this should be useful to have at hand. EV Dashboard – Uploaded and ...

How to remove an EV Server from your site

How to remove an EV Server from your site There may come a time where you want to decommission or remove an EV Server from your environment.  This has come up a few times on the Forum so I decided to document the steps to help you avoid the pitfalls...

TonySterling by Moderator
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Technote released 21st August

Enterprise Vault for Microsoft Exchange 322782 Accessing the Vault Usage Report for Enterprise Vault 8.x               327011 Event ID 3188: An error occurred performing a request to synchronize the mailbox is recorded in the Enterprise Vault Eve...

Problems with Discovery Accelerator due to signed assemblies.

In Enterprise Vault 8 Symantec has followed Microsoft's recommendation to only use signed executable and DLLs to allow authenticity checks that are more reliable than Heuristic based malware detection. On some customers builds this could lead to to ...

Wayne_Humphrey by Level 6
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Technotes released 17/08/09

Enterprise Vault for Microsoft Exchange 325356 When opening a archive item using OWA 2007 a warning banner is displayed You are being redirected to http://evsite.local/EnterpriseVault/Viewmessage.asp?vaultid=1E..... This Web site may not be tru...