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How do I save my historical data when removing a device from Data Insight?

Once the decision has been make to deprecate older equipment and remove the device from service the decision needs to be made on how to migrate the data to a new device. An Administrator can decide to move shares over in a piecemeal fashion that allo...

Rod_p1 by Level 6
Employee Accredited Certified
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How to monitor Enterprise Vault

There are many different helpful articles and documents on the Symantec web site and some in the documentation which talk about how to monitor Enterprise Vault. In this article though, I'd like to present a different approach. I'd like to talk about ...

Wayne_Humphrey by Level 6
Partner Accredited Certified
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EV10 Visio Poster - Monitoring Overview (July 2012)

Hi all I'm pleased to announce the availability of a Visio poster showing an overview of Enterprise Vault 10 Monitoring. In the Zip file you will find both JPG and Visio formats. Enjoy! Dan

Dan_Strydom by Level 4
Employee Accredited Certified
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Make your Enterprise Vault Server Tweet

    A little while ago I did a 6 week stint in Enterprise Vault QA.  Whilst waiting for data to build, and fleshing out regression testing plans, generally getting all my ducks in a row, I thought it would be good if I could get my Enterprise Vault S...

Using Log Parser with Enterprise Vault

There are some tools out there that are just must-have, but you never get to know anything about them.  One of those tools is Log Parser, a tool developed by Microsoft which you can use to analyse log files… particularly, for me, IIS log files on Ent...

Enterprise Vault useful SQL queries

I have worked some time on EV and due to encountering many issues which were hidden from day to day system checks we developed some interesting and useful SQL queries which when used can keep you better informed on whats going on with your EV environ...

Liam_Finn1 by Level 6
Employee Accredited Certified
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EV Dashboard 0.17 available for download

Hi all, Ev Dashboard 0.17 is now available for download from Below is  the low-down on the most recent changes: Bug fix: Dates are now written into the EVDashboard database using ISO format regardless of locale (YYYY/MM/D...

EV Dashboard Changelog

Change Log To-do list Include XML file reading in IgnoreArchiveBitTrigger.asp.Not all pages have corresponding Export.asp files for exporting data to Excel.Update CSS to move the filter button to the search bar on all relevant ASP pages. - Fixed in 0...

EV Dashboard 0.15 available for download...

Guys and Girls, I have uploaded version 0.15 to feel free to download and take a look. Hopefully below I can outline the changes and updates I have recently made. Most if not all SQL queries have been updated so the data c...