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Tech Exchange Presentation: Mobile App Management

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is the first thing many companies think about when attempting to address mobility in the enterprise.  However, with the increasing popularity of BYOD, the restrictions of regulated industries, and other challenging mobi...

Tech Exchange Presentation: Mobile Protection

Managing mobile devices is all about protecting mobile data in all of the various places it is transmitted, stored and viewed. Unlike traditional PCs, mobile devices naturally communicate over channels that companies have no control over, and several...

How to Add an Image to a Connect Post

If you've ever tried to add an image to a post on Connect you know it can be frustrating if you are forced to muddle through on your own. This article is meant to guide you through the process and, hopefully, make it a little easier. If you've ever i...

How to use Symantec Scan Engine 5.2 content scanning technologies for direct integration with your applications or devices

One of the "best hidden secrets" in Symantes's portfolio is likely the Symantec Scan Engine. This product emerged many years ago from our integration work with large Internet carriers to provide a high-scalable, high-performance antivirus scan engine...

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Buffer Overflow Part 1 -The Basics

This article explains the most commonly known attack buffer overflow at a very basic level. What is Buffer over Flow? A traditional definition defines BOF as "In computer security and programming, a buffer overflow buffer overrun, is an anomaly whe...

Utility to Assist in Identifying Plug and Play Drivers

Have you ever tried to get a build created with all the required device drivers, and have found that there are one or two yellow question marks that you cannot find the correct drivers for? Yes, we've all been there at sometime. To help me with this ...

EdT by Level 6
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How to remove Hacktool.Rootkit Antivirus from a system

Hello Friends, I am very new to these type of forums and this is my first article on any issue. I am working as software engineer with an estemmed organization . I am currently in US on client side and I faced the  Hacktool.Rootkit  last week , I h...

My Security Story

I work for a small technical college we have about 350 permanent employees and 300 part-timers with around 5000 students and 1450 altiris nodes. We used Sophos for about 5 years and started having some real problems with the scanning functions. The s...

Jeanne by Level 3
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Changing to Symantec - Tell Your Security Story Contest

This is for the company a work for about 2 years ago. Their contract with the old company was done. They want to change company because of some problem they got with the old software. Our work environment: The environments include staff members, re...

Frank019 by Level 4
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Support Makes the Case

I work for an IT Company which provides security products to other companies. One of our clients was using Symantec antivirus corporate edition 10.1.which we had suggested to them and were supporting. The client had no issue with the Symantec Antivir...

Top 10 IT Oxymorons

1. IT Management What a misnomer that is! Strictly speaking, there are two incarnations to this definition. One implies the management of a collection of systems, infrastructure, and information that resides on them. Another implies the management of...

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