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FIPS 140-2 Product Status

FIPS 140-2 Federal Information Processing Standard 140-2 (FIPS 140-2) validation is important to any vendor selling cryptography to the Federal market space. If your IT product utilizes any form of encryption, it will likely require validation aga...

Frequently Requested Information

This page contains our most frequently requested public facing documentation.  Users that have accepted our Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) may access confidential data such as ISO/IEC 27001 certifications, SOC reports and evidence of insurance on o...

BCS Kick off - Your Welcome Pack

*** THIS IS A TEST POST- PLEASE IGNORE *** Dear xyz Customer,         You will find here your BCS welcome pack that includes the following: - Quick Referrence Card - Kick Off presentation - BCS  Deliverables - MySymantec Guide Please take time to rev...

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How to split your solution

As a result of numerous requests from users, a new feature has been introduced to Symantec Connect to allow users to mark multiple answers as the solution.  Previously, users can only mark one answer as the solution.  To split the solution among a nu...

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How to Create a Video

No matter what type of content you want to post on Symantec Connect, you use the Create Content feature and complete the same basic steps. For some types of content—such as videos—you must complete a few extra steps, but as you will see, the intuitiv...

How effective incident management retains market share

This paper discusses the need for business continuity practitioners to make incident management a focal element of their programme.  Particularly during the first few minutes and hours of a business disruption, an established incident management meth...

How to Add an Image to a Connect Post

If you've ever tried to add an image to a post on Connect you know it can be frustrating if you are forced to muddle through on your own. This article is meant to guide you through the process and, hopefully, make it a little easier. If you've ever i...

Community Managers Contact Information

Community Managers are employed by Symantec to moderate the communities within Symantec Connect. The managers review and publish all content, award points, and moderate the community forums. You can contact the community managers using the informatio...