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Backup Exec 2010 errors

Level 3

Hi all,

Getting a few errors on a new installation that I am unable to resolve or find the solution to online.

Before I ran my backups I get the following error which causes the failure of my inventory:
Final error: 0xe000e005 - The job has reported multiple errors. See the job log for details.
Final error category: Backup Device ErrorsCompleted status: Failed

Software is installed on a virtual Windows 2008 R2 server using Backup Exec 2010 with B2D using Deduplication and no backup to tape.

When I run my backups, most work except for 2, SQL and local backups.

The local backups appear to running in a loop as all I have selected to backup are the C:\ & D:\ drives which are no more than 100GB combined. For some reason BE is backing up 700GB. Which I can't claim back.

The SQL backup I get the following error:
SQL Databases-Daily Full Backup Policy -- The job failed with the following error: One or more SQL Database consistency checks have failed.

I have disabled consistency checks but I still get the error.

I am given the following link to resolve the problem but none of the resolution steps work or aren't applicable.

I have rebooted both the remote servers as well as the media server and that didn't even help.

Thanks in advance.