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Can't access Partnernet Account

I can't log in to my Partnernet Account. It's been a while since I've last accessed this and I'm not sure if it is still active or not. I've sent a few emails via the link provided at the login page and received no reply. Last I remember was I tried changing the account settings for my Symantec Connect account to a different email. It seems like they share the same user ID. My Symantec Connect account works.

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Got a message from Symantec

Got a message from Symantec in our region. There are some issues with my current account. They fixed my account by recreating it.

Thank you very much. Smiley Very Happy

Sometimes Symantec Partnernet

Sometimes Symantec Partnernet Site is Down for Routine maintainance, so at that time you might not be able to access your account.