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Licensing question

Level 5

Hi there,


We need to procure backup exec license for one of our server.  Would like to know which is recommended option. Anyone who have idea about licensing , can you share some ideas here.

This is our backup environment,
*One Master /Media physical server connected to Tape drive. (Dell R730)
*One VM running on Vmware/Hyper-VM (not decided yet) need to be backed up. (2TB monthly full backup)
Backup policy:
Full backup - 2 month retention (4TB capacity)
Daily Differential - 1 month retention


Do we need One backup exec Server license and one Backup exec  Agent license, anything for tape drive? or capacity based license for 4 TB will be beneficial. Help!



Level 3


trying to help out here... hope it works..

you can proposed the following :-

1 x BE15 server

1 X Agent for Vmware/hyperv 

BE15 servers comes / support single tape drive (FOC). If customer is using autoloader / tape library with robotics then you need to buy additional licenses.

However you can proposed option 2 for full capacity licenses. it all depends on customer's budget / requirements. The environment is very small so traditional license is more costs effective.

Hope this helps...