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What is Partner Specialized requirement

Level 4

Hello PartnerService and other gurus, specialized partner on the forum

Hope all are doing well and enjoying work with Symantec Products. I have few queries for Symantec Specialization program. I come to know the requirement for Partner Specialization. Following is a short list of details and correct me if I am wrong at some place......


Suppose with take a product Storage Foundation for specialization :


SSE Certified required two

SSE+ Certified reqreuid two

STS Certified required two

(I know before getting the specialization one must have to be Symantec Partnet as well)

If we have all above 6 Certified persons. any other hidden thing required for achiving the Symantec Specialized Partner ?


Level 6
Partner Accredited

No. Just check with the Partner Account Manager, is there any Revenue/Business Target is included or not. Generally it is not.

Level 6
Partner Accredited


Besides what info you got

partner must have cleared ASC with Boot Camp to receive master specialization .