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Add external users in pgp universal server (3.3.1)

Recently I configure a pgp server with NETSHARE & WDE but without EMAIL Encryption. My server is working fine. recently I add a external user key (I get this key from other company). But when I encrypt any file through external user key its showing e...

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Resolved! Expired Rewards

I noticed this on my profile: 31.0Approved20 Jun, 2013 - 15:11 GMTRewards Points ExpirationSite ParticipationPoints expired due to inactivity. This was displayed on my previous account. Now that the previous account has been merged already to this ne...

opatch failed with error code =41

Hi all, guys i've got an issue on applying the patch.  CPU JULY 2013 new patch release on symantec.     kindly help. thanks :)

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Resolved! Conflicts

One of the machine picked by the SEPM 12.X as infected one ,I checked the status of that machine locally(SEP Client) which is green saying "your computer is protected ,no problem detected", why it is conflicting 


We are distributor partner of Symantec. I've just completed(in this months) few Symantec cources from and also perticipated on online exams. I've got the certificate from certtracker. I'm seeing my credentials those I've achiv...

Log the mail body content

I wants to see the mail body of the enduser in LDP exec summary or Incident endpoint log. How can I create the Policy???  

List of Symantec Partner Specialists Partners

Hello Honourable Forums Members,   Please Could some in the house share the lists of List of Symantec Partner Master Specialists Partners. I have a friend who just bagged an Authorized Symantec Constants in Dta Protection and HA and needs to apply to...

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Altiris 7.1 installed agent inventory problem

Hi all, i found that there is a problem when I search the installed agent.   for example, when I search Asset#1234 in the morning, I can find it from Altiris. However, when I search Asset#4567 at the same time, I cannot find the record in it. Afterwa...

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Your Official Symantec Partners list for China needs a clean up

Hi, As I need a Symantec Backup Exec 2012 license for our company in Suzhou, China, I used your official Partnet Locater to find official resellers in Suzhou and Shanghai. And I think that your partners list needs a big clean up! Indeed, some partner...


大家好,我是来自 Global/Verticle Offerings Integration team 的 Linda。经过与论坛管理员王韬和晓静以及美国 Connect team 长达近半年的沟通与合作,第一个 Connect 中文论坛正式成立了。希望这个论坛能红红火火,吸引越来越多的合作伙伴与内部员工来此参与讨论、解决问题,分享知识。

.bak file restoration from media failed

Hi all, My on restoration job is failed with error: Final error: 0xe0008488 - Access is denied. Final error category: Security Errors   i was restoring .bak file from Media to local drive of media server. please help....   Thanks...

Application metering report

Can someone knows 7.1 Application by Monitor Policy report same as below 6.5 path. Report - Software Management - Legacy Reports - Application Metering - Agent Status - Application by Monitor Policy. I can't find it.   Kel

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Resolved! Required SEP Assessment Questionaire for Customer

Hi Guys, One of my customer is using SEP for 1200 users. I need to do the assessment for SEP at customer place as told by Symantec Partner Manager. He asked us to access and download the assessment tool(it is just like Vulnerabil...