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App Center installation failed

  Hi,   My OS was Redhat 5.0 and Oracle DB. An error occur during installation the appcenter (Symantec_App_Center_4.0.3_RedHat5_x86-64_IE.iso), after running the installation the error occur as below:- Missing Dependency: httpd is needed by pa...

py_chang by Not applicable
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Support Denial: No Support Found

Dear Experts out there, It was the first time, i opened a technical case with symantec support. Had some problems but somehow i managed to open a case. I received an email of support case number too, but after a while received another email of Suppor...

What is Partner Specialized requirement

Hello PartnerService and other gurus, specialized partner on the forum Hope all are doing well and enjoying work with Symantec Products. I have few queries for Symantec Specialization program. I come to know the requirement for Partner Specializat...

Software VMImage for appliance platform

Hi Folks, I am wondering if we can deploy the vmimage files provided by Symantec on license portal for appliance platform can be deployed on ESXi platform? There are files provided for hardware box with model number as well beside these vmimage files...

Atif by Level 3
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Resolved! how to see the manage cases

Dear all,       I am new in the Symantec World. I created an account with mysymantec and opened a case. I am unable to see the the open case in the Manage case in the Techincal support area.   Kindly provide guidence Thanks  

adeelm by Level 3
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Altiris 7.1 Receiving ITAM Problem

  1.When I receiving item, I don't know I should choose which choice in  "the items should be received as". What are their diiferent ?  2.When I choose "Update an existing Resource / Add the Condumable to a Stockroom and Add as a Cost Item to existin...

Candyip by Not applicable
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Require Physical & Wifi MAC Address report in Altiris

We Require report of all Mac address in a system. I haven't found a report in Altirs which gives this information ( I am using Altiris CMS ). I found a query in Symantec Forum to find MAC address but when executed it gives me information of only that...

Amit_Suthar by Level 3
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PPADSFCreation.dll error in Altiris installation

Hi, I am getting below error while installing Altiris 7.x using symantec_sim_7_1_206. Below are the server detaills, OS: windows 2003 sp2 Database: sql server 2008 express (downloaded by SIM) I could not see the PPADSFCreation.dll file in specified ...

Resolved! Why dont free training of STS as SSE and SSE+ are available @ partnernet

Why dont free training of STS available as SSE and SSE+ are available @ partnernet training section. Everyone know it bothers alot to read the PDF. Why sales guys have this benifit and why not for STS. Even the STS exams are pulled from free to paid ...

Zahid_Haseeb by Moderator
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