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A single pane of glass to manage your OpenStack private cloud

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VeritasTM HyperScale for OpenStack is a Software Defined storage management solution powered by OpenStack to manage Enterprise private clouds. 

“One Dashboard to manage them all, One Dashboard to discover your storage, One Dashboard to view all those tenants and in storage bind them.”

While the HyperScale dashboard may not have all those powers that J.R.R Tolkien envisioned for the One Ring, it comes pretty close for your data center administrators. 


Veritas HyperScale brings to your data center administrators the familiar look and feel of the OpenStack Horizon GUI across different OpenStack vendor distributions while providing the much required storage management capabilities within it.


Take for example the ability to view both primary and secondary storage capacities across multiple nodes as well as filter across tenants and workloads. 


These are just some of the salient features of the improved user experience that the integrated storage management dashboard in HyperScale brings along with aggregated and drill-down metrics like Input Output per second(IOPS), Throughput and Latency in the datacenter.


In addition to the above, storage media troubleshooting is simplified by means of alerts and events that appear on the HyperScale dashboard. The video below is a brief walkthrough of the capabilities offered in the powerful HyperScale for OpenStack dashboard made available within Horizon.


The User Interface also provides an easy mechanism to view compute and data nodes in your OpenStack environment and enable/disable them as HyperScale nodes.

You can watch videos to learn more about the high performance, storage resiliency and efficiency benefits of HyperScale for OpenStack.

In summary, the powerful HyperScale for OpenStack GUI provides the following major features:

  • Familiar OpenStack Horizon based dashboard customized for storage management
  • Drill-down and Roll-up of storage statistics filtered by primary/secondary storage, workload or tenant
  • Alerts and events to troubleshoot storage related issues in a datacenter
  • Easy one-click enable/disable of HyperScale nodes
  • Registration of backup providers including NetBackup to provide instance protection in DR scenarios

To learn more please visit the HyperScale for OpenStack page.If you would like to participate in our early access program please request access.If you have questions or feedback please share your comments below or email us at We would love to hear from you!