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Achieving Cost-effective Disaster Recovery

There was a time when, for many organizations, implementing a disaster recovery infrastructure meant deploying millions of dollars worth of server, storage and network hardware at an alternate data center. The belief was that to do DR right, you had to duplicate the production infrastructure and the result was a lot of expensive equipment sitting idle until a disaster - or a disaster recovery exercise - put the equipment to use.

Needless to say, those days are gone and they're not coming back. Such investments are simply no longer affordable or practical. And thanks to modern technology, they're also no longer necessary.

In this first attempt of mine at a video blog - or "vlog", if you will - I'll describe how Symantec's disaster recovery solutions can leverage virtualization technologies to achieve a cost-effective DR infrastructure.




Thank you for taking the time to put this together.

Good information contained in the video -- but I wonder why you didn't file it in the 'Videos' section? Then the video can be watched embedded in the post, rather than needing to be downloaded.

Agreed, Rob. Our Symantec Connect team has taken care of embedding the video.


Thanks for commenting!

I am unable to display video ? is it just me or this has been moved ?

Not sure the embedding has worked, or been finished.

You can right click the file in the first post and download it though, Faisal?

Dear Rob, well it was with my connectiong at that moment, the embedding is now on display further yes I was able to download it too. Thanks