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Announcing Veritas Resiliency Platform 2.1 with direct integrations into Veritas NetBackup and AWS


 Announcing the release and global availability of VeritasTM Resiliency Platform 2.1

This release marks a significant milestone as we broaden the type of resiliency challenges we solve for. Veritas can now help organizations predictably manage business resiliency across disparate service level objectives with direct recovery integration into VeritasNetBackup software and appliances. Additionally, we can help organizations confidently adopt cloud through our integration into Amazon Web Services, by providing simple migration and resiliency of workloads to and from AWS.

 Resiliency Platform stands head and shoulders above competitive solutions in the market including virtualization-only tools and availability-only vendor products. Not only do we uniquely provide complete automation across all aspects of resiliency operations and across all service level objectives, we additionally enable organizations to protect their existing investments while architecting  for future technologies  via our broad support for leading 3rd party high availability solutions, virtualization technologies, operating system platforms and data movers.

 New in 2.1: 

  • Integrated Resiliency for NetBackup: The direct integration with Veritas™ NetBackup helps organizations achieve superior control over their service level objectives. Resiliency Platform is the only solution offering service level delivery that lets organizations apply the right service levels to the right applications.
  • Proactive, Predictable Resiliency for Amazon Web Services. The direct integration with Amazon Web Services provides organizations with cost-effective resiliency and simple migration to AWS for VMware and Hyper-V VMs in single, bulk or multi-tier configurations. Our unique approach aligns to principles of cloud economics, which ensures that customers don’t have to pay for AWS EC2 instances until the time of failover or migration, thereby reducing costs and simplifying customer administrative operations.

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