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Announcing the launch of the Veritas Flex 5150 Appliance

On October 23, Veritas announced the latest addition to its Appliances roster, the Flex 5150, designed and developed to meet the specific needs of edge applications, such as remote and branch offices, bank branches, medical clinics, and retail outlets.

VRTS Flex 5150 Twitter 506x253a.jpg

Considering the benefits of Flex 5150, I am reminded of a recent blog I published on the ways Veritas NetBackup Appliances alleviate time-consuming backup and recovery pain points. In the post, I drew an analogy to pizza delivery; specifically noting sometimes one might choose to have a gourmet pizza delivered so they can focus energy and time on efforts other than cooking a meal.

And this got me thinking of the company that delivers the pizza, or Gourmet Pizza Inc (GPI).

GPI is a fast-growing regional company, with pizzas made with locally sourced fresh ingredients. It has 7 dine-in restaurants and 2 satellite kitchens devoted to delivery services such as Uber Eats, DoorDash and GrubHub. Since they promise only fresh ingredients, inventory management at each store is critical. And in their inventory assessment, GPI found that neighborhoods have their own favorite pizzas; the zesty pepperoni is popular on Sunday afternoons in Oak Ridge during football season, for example, and the cheesy mac and cheese is a big seller on Wednesday nights in Pleasant Village—there are a lot of families.

Each location has a small server collecting data on inventory usage, including type of pizzas ordered and where they are being delivered. This data is critical to GPI’s success. Data is captured every day and replicated to the central data center in the home office or to the cloud during the off hours. The server is in a small closet in the restaurants and satellite kitchens, running unattended for weeks, as there are little to no IT resources.

Since the data collected at these edge sites is so critical to GPI’s success, they realized it needed to be protected. They run NetBackup in the central data center and wanted to use NetBackup in their remote locations. GPI needs a data protection solution that spans from the edge to the core to the cloud.

The new Flex 5150 appliance is the perfect solution for GPI, offering a complete self-contained NetBackup data protection system in a compact 1U form-factor that easily fits on a shelf in the closets in their restaurants and kitchens. The Flex 5150 is based on containerization technology, simplifying installation and configuration. Maintenance can be done remotely from the central office and new upgrades for NetBackup can be installed in minutes.

Data collected during open hours is backed up on the Flex 5150, and the appliance replicates the data back to NetBackup Appliances in the central office or the cloud during off hours. And tiering to the cloud is easy and efficient with NetBackup CloudCatalyst containers available on the Flex 5150.

With NetBackup appliances and the Flex 5150, GPI has a complete enterprise data protection solution spanning from the edge to the core to the cloud.

Today, almost every enterprise has edge locations—from bank branches to medical clinics, the hospitality industry and research labs. With the Flex 5150, each can protect the critical data created at these locations with the same enterprise data protection used in the central data center.

And knowing your complete enterprise is protected with NetBackup you will have time to sit back, relax, and order a pizza from your favorite local restaurant!

Discover details on the Flex 5150 in our upcoming NetBackup Sessions on October 31—and visit Flex Appliance on