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Attention Veritas Cluster Server Customers! Win an Apple iPad for Your Custom Agent or Script

Have you deployed Veritas Cluster Server to protect your business critical applications?  Did you create your own custom agent or script?  If so, let us reward you for your efforts, because Symantec and your peers want to hear from you!

To participate:

  1. Post your agent or script to the Storage and Clustering community's Downloads section, letting us know what application(s) you are protecting and providing details about how to use it, as well as attaching the agent/script file.
  2. Put 'Custom Agent/Script' in your title.
  3. That's it, you're automatically entered in the contest AND you've just earned an additional 50 Connect points for your submission!

To win:
You and your peers now have the opportunity to vote on the best entry. The iPad winner will be selected based on popular votes as well as a review by Symantec product teams. Entries must be uploaded by November 15, 2010.  Voting will begin on Nov. 16 and close on Nov. 30, 2010.

Note: All entries must be the work of the submitter. Symantec employees are not elegible to win.



i have written a shell script for cluster health check.

can i post it to in the competition.

Absolutely! Just post in downloads section with 'Custom Agent/Script' in your title. Product Managers will be reviewing. Thanks for your submission.

actually i was unaware of symantec connect

to be frank its really cool thing that you people are doing

keep up the good job.


good luck to all those

I have been trying for the past month to get permission from my company to submit some of my scripts developed on company time, but due to intellectual property agreements and security concerns of making the scripts public, I have not been able to secure permission.  Is there a way to enter the contest w/o making the code public?


Hi Sean,

Thanks for your efforts to share information with the community, it sounds like you've jumped through some hoops to get these published. With this contest the goal is to share the content with the broader community. When you say public, are you talking about ownership of the code or use? If you publish it on Connect then you would be giving permission for others to use your code.

If you go to your Profile under Account in the top right, you can see all of the terms and conditions - this might help with your employers.

Again, thanks for your attempts to share your scripts.



Community Manager

Thanks, Kimberly.  I went ahead and took some time to re-write one of my scripts in Perl on my own time to submit to the contest.