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Business Resilience That Supports Digital Initiatives

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What is your organization’s view of business resilience?  Is it viewed as an expense that has little payback? 

Businesses are moving to digital business models.  These models efficiently collect, retain and analyze data to support smarter, more certain business decisions.   Decisions that differentiate you from the competition.  Has your business resilience solution kept pace with your modernization plans?  Or do you believe severe disruptions happen to the “other guy.” 

A recent IDC survey discovered:

  • 83.8% of all respondents experience some type of business disruption in the past two
  • 93% of disruptions were tech-related and severe in nature that reputational damage or permanent loss of customers occurred
  • A direct correlation exists between successful business KPIs and business resilience initiatives[1]

Business resilience is all about your organization’s ability to protect data in the event of any unplanned or planned disruption while at the same time supporting data-oriented initiatives for business modernization.   

That’s exactly what Veritas Resiliency Platform does.  Watch this to learn more:

Resiliency Platform delivers innovative services while protecting your most important asset:  your data.

Using a combination of automation and orchestration, it protects, restores and recovers your data across any environment.  Easily integrates public cloud platforms into your business resilience strategy.  Optimizes bi-directional flow between on premise and cloud environments delivering fast recovery objectives.  Built-in reports prove compliance, expose business risk and prove the value of the solution to the business.  

Some example of the business value Resiliency Platform delivers include:  

  • Simplifies recovery of VMware environments: Resiliency Platform goes beyond hypervisor-level replication by providing platform choice, DNS updates, network mapping between sites and single-click start-up of applications in the recovery site. Learn more.
  • Goes beyond virtual machine recovery by automating the restoration and recovery of multi-tier applications getting your business back on line fast. Learn more.

Don’t let legacy disaster recovery solutions jeopardize your digital and IT transformational strategies. Get to know Resiliency Platform and discover the link between automated business resilience and the success of your business objectives.   

[1] IDC, 2018, #US44214118