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Cloud Application Security Made Easy with InfoScale

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As you planning a move into the cloud, security needs to be near the top of your mind.  Security in the cloud is a “shared responsibility” between you and your cloud provider and it needs to be included as a part of the architecture and planning for your deployment, and not simply “dealt with later.”   


Cloud providers are responsible for ensuring the security of their infrastructure, but are not responsible for the security of your applcations, your data, or even your access to the management console. In fact, just a lack of adding password protection to one of Tesla’s AWS consoles resulted in a cyberattack in which the account was used to mine cryptocurrency (  Gartner has stated publicly (Gartner, “How to Respond to the 2020 Threat Landscape”) that “at least 99% of cloud security failures will be the customer’s fault.”

Some security issues can be resolved by simply implementing password protection or role based access controls (RBAC), but other issues are more complex and require more work. It is estimated that securing a simple EC2 instance with an S3 bucket for storage can take several hours, and that’s not counting the software or data deployed on that instance.

Veritas InfoScale can help secure your applications and data in the cloud with the following features:

  • Encryption – InfoScale leverages FIPS 140-2 compliant encryption methodologies
  • Enhanced Logging – InfoScale complies with the newest US Cybersecurity Executive Order requiring additional logging to help discover and prevent cyberattacks
  • Shared Secure Storage – InfoScale’s Cluster File System and Flexible Storage Sharing can be used to share storage without having to rely upon NFS, which is less secure when used in a cloud environment.
  • PCI DSS Compliance -- Compliance with the Payment Card Industry's Data Security Standards means that InfoScale meets the standards for securing critical financial data.



To find out more about InfoScale and Cloud Security click here, or contact your account team.