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Congrats, to the winner of the Veritas OpenStack Summit Sweepstakes

Image of the sweepstakes winner.jpeg

First, we’d like to thank those who participated in the Veritas #OpenStackSummit Sweepstakes and joined the VOX community – thank you! The sweepstakes prize was awarded to OpenStack Summit attendee, @Natanael_Berca, shown in the image above alongside the Veritas team.

We were delighted by the opportunity to meet Natanael and share with him the experience of Google’s Home device – one of many Internet-of-Things offerings employing Veritas solutions to assist in the management of big data.

Second, we want to highlight those VOX community members who participated in the Veritas #OpenStackSummit sweepstakes – we appreciate you being a part of Veritas’ growing community of data-driven professionals.

As well as VOX users lincolnh, Maxtkach, and tetsuro0907 – thank you.

The Veritas team in attendance appreciated the engaged, information-rich conversations shared with you all at this year’s OpenStack Summit in Sydney, and all of us on VOX look forward to maintaining the conversation in the VOX community’s Software-Defined Storage forums. Please, join us – let’s stay in touch and informed on VOX!