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Disaster Recovery You'll Want to Use

Cloud.  Depending on your role, you see cloud as either the great enabler or the great disruptor.   

From the perspective of C-suite, employees and customers --- cloud is goodness.  It delivers organizational agility, the ability to transform faster as well as gain greater efficiencies.

If you are the person responsible for maintaining the stability of next generation and existing architectures, cloud is a great disruptor.  You live in the constant tension between innovation and ensuring stability and that’s hard.  Especially since existing architectures won’t vanish overnight.

Next week the tech industry will gather at #vmworld in Las Vegas and you can be sure that one of the key topics will be cloud.  And no wonder.  Cloud has completely transformed everything it touches.  

And that includes resiliency. 

Come to this Veritas session to learn how to achieve clear cut resilience for your VMware and AWS ecosystems. In this session you will learn how Resiliency Platform:

*  Gets your applications up running fast with automated boot order and sequencing of workloads

*  Provides non-disruptive practice run (rehearsals) to simulate resiliency procedures without impacting production 

*  Complements and enhances your VMware ecosystem

*  Works with AWS Marketplace to install all components within 10 minutes

Use the power of cloud and automation to your benefit.  Increase confidence in your resiliency.  See how you can measure risk and remove day-to-worry with Resiliency Platform.

Attend this session and learn how Veritas and VMware can #transformyourbiz.