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Do you fully understand your business continuity risks?

If preventing downtime is one of your goals this year - wait no more...Veritas Disaster Recovery Advisor (DRA) 5.4 is finally here.  The latest version of Disaster Recovery Advisor 5.1 launched today on August 1st, 2011.  In a nutshell, Veritas Disaster Recovery Advisor (DRA) helps you ensure business continuity with its automated, non-intrusive, agnostic testing and monitoring of your high availability and disaster recovery infrastructure.  With DRA, you can understand and report risks in your HA/DR infrastructure everyday without the disruption and cost of a full DR test.

Veritas Disaster Recovery Advisor 5.4 brings greater flexibility in how you schedule your HA/DR scans, as well as more options for hardware checks and new signatures to better cover your entire environment.  New updates and features include:


Greater flexibility and granularity for scheduling scans:

Now, business entities can be grouped together to more closely match their business and/or infrastructure relationship. Multiple scan schedules can be defined, as well as the ability to define individual schedules per group. In other words, you can define one group for your critical database servers to be scanned every night.  Then, define a second group for your Financial systems to be scanned every other day, except during quarter close.

New Storage Support:

DRA now provides Discovery, Presentation, and Risk Detection for IBM XIV and IBM DS 6xxx & 8xxx storage.

Smart Deletion of Probes:

Deleting probes has been streamlined.  When a probe is deleted, you have the choice between deleting all the hosts assigned to that probe or reassigning the hosts.

SLA Capacity Management:

The hardware performance and capacity requirements can be defined for the secondary systems allowing greater insight into SLA risks.

New Risk Signatures:

DRA 5.4 grows the count of risk signatures to over 4,900.  New signatures have been added for Veritas Cluster Server, Oracle Data Guard, SYMAPI, and others.

Learn more about the new features and benefits of Veritas Disaster Recovery Advisor today by visiting this page or by scheduling a DRA session with your Sales Rep.