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Do you know what your applications are doing?

Congratulations..You have gone through all the work of setting up a foolproof virtualized data center and are considering spending all your days tanning on a sunny beach.  Why not?  Your VMware environment is providing you with high availability at the hypervisor and virtual machine stage, and you might as well start ordering Margaritas..Not so fast - Do you know what your applications are doing?  Not really because VMware does not provide you with the status of what is going on with the applications that are running in your virtual machines.  So fully protect yourself with ApplicationHA, the only industry solution that provides you with visibility and control of applications running inside virtual machines from the vCenter console.

The latest ApplicationHA release provides application awareness in VMware Site Recovery Manager environments, monitors and controls for hundreds of applications and provides broader platform and application support. 

Some specific ApplicationHA features that will speed up your journey to the beach include:

  1. VMware Site Recovery Manager integration:
    • Provide application awareness for SRM environments
    • Provide application monitoring on both the protected and the recovery sites
    • Report application status in the audit trail
  2. Improved User Experience in large scale deployment:
    • Scalable vCenter-integrated installation
    • Unified dashboard view for application visibility and control
    • Easier license key entry
    • Resource dependency graph
    • Soft reboot of virtual machines
  3. Enhanced guest platform support to include:
    • SLES 11 SP1
    • Oracle Enterprise Linux 5.x
    • Win32 (Custom app support)
    • vSphere 4.0, 4.1, 4.1 U1 support

Industry experts have also weighed in and agree that ApplicationHA is truly an industry revolutionary product that gives you that security and assurance of applications availability in a VMware environment.  The latest detailed ApplicationHA article comes from Neil Roiter from Network Computing IT and it can be found here.

With ApplicationHA in your VMware environment you can truly know what your applications are doing.  Your next difficult decision might be whether to order those margaritas on the rocks or not!

For more information about ApplicationHA, please visit our website.  You can also find more information about the latest release, documentation, and downloads here.