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Does your business continuity plan stand a chance against mayhem

Many organizations believe that they have a solid and ready to execute business continuity plan in case of a disaster.  However, according to a 2010 Forrester survey*, “many organizations have lulled themselves into a false sense of security” when it comes to how they value their preparedness.  The survey also revealed that proper plans of planning, testing, and maintenance are not actively tested as often as they should be.  This lack of preparedness is a costly strategy in terms of revenue, employee productivity, reputation, among  other factors.  Specifically, the survey found that an average recovery took 18.5 hours with 4.8 hours of data loss.  In addition, according to a StorageCraft blog, in 2011, disasters cost $52B versus $10B in 2010.  These numbers clearly indicate that organizations must evaluate their business continuity plan to ensure that they can continue business as normal in case of a disaster or a simple outage.

At Symantec, we take the guessing game of your business continuity plan, we provide end to end disaster recovery solutions designed to meet your objectives.  In fact, we are excited about our newest 6.0 release which includes features such as Gold Fire Drill. This simulation tool allows customers to simulate disaster recovery tests by starting up an application at the disaster recovery site as it would in an actual disaster.  This tool enables organizations to confidently plan in advance so that they are fully prepared.  To learn more about Gold Fire Drill, a feature of our Veritas Cluster Server product, click here .

In 2012, don’t let your organization be surprised by unplanned and costly disasters.  Learn more ways in which Symantec can confidently help you plan your business continuity strategy by visiting our blog.


*Forrester, State Of Enterprise Disaster Recovery Preparedness, Q2 2011 by Rachel A. Dines for Infrastructure & Operations Professionals