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Fun with AR, value with Veritas Access Appliance

Is your organization challenged by long-term data retention? You’re not alone. And with the growing storage demands of unstructured data use cases, this challenge can feel overwhelming. Veritas has developed a solution to efficiently address the long-term data retention demands of your business, with Access Appliance.

The newest addition to our Appliances suite provides turnkey deployment of Access – Veritas’ software-defined, scale-out storage software. Together, Access Appliance and Access offer a comprehensive, cost-optimized storage solution for high-capacity workloads, like long-term retention, tape replacement, and archiving. 

Now, we invite you to envision Veritas Access Appliance in your world, with our interactive AR application. Have a little fun with Access Appliance AR and take advantage of the opportunity to win an Oculus Go AR headset.

veritas solutions app.png

Between November 6th and 20th, simply download the Veritas Solutions app and follow the steps below!

  1. Download and install the Veritas Solutions application:
  2. Open the app and navigate to the information for the Veritas Access Appliance. Click on “Solution Portfolio” link, then on “Explore Products,” then on the “Access 3340 Appliance.”  When the product splash page comes up, click on “Take the 3D Tour” banner in the middle of the product. Once the animation screen is reached, touch the <AR> selection in the top row.  Follow the instructions to get an augmented reality view of the appliance!
  3. Once you’ve composed an imaginative image, take a picture with Access Appliance;
  4. Share your picture on Instagram and/or Twitter using #AccessAppliance with a caption.
    1. Here’s an example from #TeamVtas: "Exploring the @VeritasTechLLC #AccessAppliance. Check it out!”
  5. If you are selected as a winner, you will be notified via social process.png



Be sure to share your photo before November 20that 11:59 PM PDT to be entered in the drawing. And learn more about the Access Appliance here and follow the campaign at #AccessAppliance on Instagram and Twitter!

 access app in hand.pngaccess app by pool.png