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High availability + disaster recovery with Veritas InfoScale

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A growing number of organizations are transitioning their IT infrastructure to cloud environments. SAP products like SAP HANA and SAP NetWeaver (S/4HANA) are also being deployed in the cloud, like Amazon Web Services (AWS). The Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud has become ubiquitous, and organizations are deploying traditional and complex multi-tier business applications, like SAP NetWeaver, on AWS.

As organizations increase their SAP HANA deployments on the cloud, there is a growing need to improve the availability for SAP HANA in the cloud. To address the availability requirements, HANA provides in-built high availability (HA) and HANA System Replication (HSR). However, when a failure occurs at a primary site, the recovery process requires a manual takeover, which involves server downtime that may lead to loss of business opportunities.

Veritas InfoScale Enterprise provides an automated high availability solution for SAP NetWeaver workloads on Amazon Web Services (AWS), abstracting critical applications like S/4 HANA from their underlying infrastructure. Abstraction enables enterprise-grade business continuity, performance optimization, and orchestration and agility across all platforms—physical, virtual, and cloud.

Veritas InfoScale Enterprise works across leading enterprise operating systems and server virtualization technologies, including different cloud deployments, and provides the same look and feel as the deployment on-premises. It is easy to deploy inside AWS instances, and to maintain and manage from AWS. AWS offers protection from major outages when you deploy applications in multiple Availability Zones (AZs), though these solutions are not application-aware inside the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instances and don’t support traditional clustering for SAP application instances.

As part of SAP NetWeaver (S/4 HANA), the following components must be monitored, protected, and any associated single point of failure eliminated, as they are critical for application availability in a distributed SAP environment:

  • Database instance
  • Central Services instance
  • Enqueue replication server

If an application fails, AWS either restarts the instance or redeploys it, which affects the overall Recovery Time Objective (RTO). SAP HANA databases and SAP Central services are installed on one instance at a time and are therefore single points of failure. Since multiple SAP application server (dialog) instances can be configured, they do not form a single point of failure. However, when an application deployed in the same AZ or across AZs fails, AWS restarts the application or redeploys the EC2 instances on which the application has failed, impacting the overall Recovery Time Objective (RTO).

Organizations commonly use OS-specific custom scripts to monitor applications. InfoScale Enterprise supports the largest number of pre-built enterprise application agents to simplify such deployments, eliminating the need for custom scripts. With intelligent failover capabilities, organizations can reduce the cost of redeploying instances by reducing the number of standby servers inside AWS.

InfoScale Enterprise provides agents for each of the following application and infrastructure components to provide a completely automated solution:

  • AWS IP (AWSIP) InfoScale Enterprise provides the AWSIP agent, which lets you monitor and manage the following networking resources in AWS:
    • Private IP: A private IP is a private numerical address that networked devices use to communicate with one another.
    • Elastic IP: An elastic IP address is a static IPv4 address designed for dynamic cloud computing and is associated with your AWS account.
    • Overlay IP: AWS allows you to redirect IP address traffic to an EC2 instance in a Virtual Private Network (VPC) regardless of the subnet or AZ to which it belongs. An overlay IP lets you fail over IP addresses between cluster nodes when they are spread across multiple subnets or AZs.
  • AWS Route 53 (AWSRoute53) Amazon Route 53 is a highly available and scalable cloud Domain Name System (DNS) web service. InfoScale Enterprise provides the AWSRoute53 agent to update and monitor the mapping between host names and IP addresses. The agent does the mapping for the Amazon Route 53 domain when failing over nodes across subnets. When you create a hosted zone, Amazon Route 53 automatically creates a name server (NS) record and a start of authority (SOA) record for the zone.
  • SAP HANA (SAPHDB) Veritas Cluster Server agent for SAP HANA (SAPHDB) provides high availability for HANA instances where the data is replicated with HANA System Replication. The agent brings a HANA instance online, monitors the instance, and takes the instance offline. It also monitors the system processes and the server state and shuts down the server in case of a failover.
    • The SAPHDB agent supports the following HANA features:
      • Instance fault within an Availability Zone (AZ)
      • Primary instance takeover in case of an AZ failover
      • Re-registration of the old primary as the secondary after clearing the fault on the original primary
      • Auto-restart of a HANA instance before takeover
      • Detailed monitoring with Intelligent Monitoring Framework (IMF) support
    • The agent also supports the following types of HANA System Replication scenarios:
      • Replication between AZs within the same AWS region (local failover)
      • Replication between AZs across regions (instances in different regions)
      • Across AZs within one AWS region and then to an AZ in a different region (two instances in the same region and a third instance in a remote region)

Praveen Vunnava – Image 1.png


Praveen Vunnava – Image 2.png


  • Praveen Vunnava – Image 3.pngSAP NetWeaver (SAPNW) A typical dependency between SAP NetWeaver (SAPNW) and SAP HANA database:Praveen Vunnava – Image 4.png

The following graphic depicts the overall deployment of an SAP NetWeaver with an SAP HANA database on AWS:

Praveen Vunnava – Image 5.png

In Summary, Veritas InfoScale Enterprise agents for SAP provides end-to-end automated, orchestrated HA and DR for SAP S/4HANA running in AWS.