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How to Set Up Veritas Cluster Server with VMware vSphere - A Technical Guide

Are you setting up Veritas Cluster Server in VMware vSphere?  Below is a technical guide to walk you through the process such as configuring Veritas Cluster Server clusters across ESX hosts and the compatibility of VCS with VMware HA. Check out the new Application Note available now.


Very nice article.  I'd like to see more detail on configuring the Disaster Recovery (i.e., more lower-level on configuring GCO).

Outside of the following, is there any other reason why one should use VCS on ESX hosts?


VCS-in-guest in VMware environments provides high-availability of applications
inside guest by providing protection from host failures, hardware failures, OS
crashes and also application failures at software layer (for example, in cases of
application hang, file-level corruptions at OS level that cannot be resolved with
In my experience with ESX, hardware failures aren't likely within the guest, unless it's a shared resource, and host/OS failures we've been able to revert to a previous clone/snapshot.  The only other reason I can figure is uptime of the application, but if the application fails due to a shared resource, it will fail on the other guest, as well.


this contains the latest updated support and also talks about DR.



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