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Improved agility and speed: Veritas Resiliency Platform can do that

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Organizations across industries are shifting to digital business models to command agility and speed. Still, many maintain the belief that disaster recovery is an expense delivering little to no payback – a view translating to companies investing too little in data protection. A recent IDC survey of S&P 500 customers illustrates some consequences of inadequate disaster recovery investment:

  • 93% of participants experienced tech-related business disruptions over the past two years, and;
  • The above-mentioned disruptions resulted in loss of employee productivity, profit, and customer base – all of which are factors to measuring business performance, suggesting a correlation
    between successful KPIs and disaster recovery initiatives;

Today’s multi-cloud environments are all about maintaining application availability, which has encouraged a change in focus from disaster recovery to IT resilience. At its most basic definition, IT resilience is ensuring your company can recover from both planned and unplanned disruption.

And that’s precisely the benefit of Veritas Resiliency Platform.

It’s the only multi-cloud platform that recovers applications across different cloud providers, hypervisors, operating systems, and storage arrays.  It provides near-zero recovery of any sourced workload residing on physical and virtual infrastructure. Using the virtual business service concept, it gets your business back online faster by sequentially shutting down, migrating the service to the target environment, then recovering it in the correct sequence.  

The key to Resiliency Platform is automation and orchestration that systematizes migrations, rehearsals, and evacuation plans across heterogeneous on-premise and cloud environments. Automation and orchestration are "the peanut butter and jelly of IT resilience," we sometimes say, working together to failover, migrate, and rehearse your processes without human intervention, allowing IT to focus on differentiating your business.

The latest release of Resiliency Platform is available for a test drive, and you can check out these VOX videos highlighting benefits relevant to AWS, Azure, Virtual Business Services and VMware.

If you would like to go deeper, download our technical briefs, providing detailed descriptions of integration with AWS and VMware vSphere.

As you move to a digital business model, you want to guarantee you protect what matters most in your organization's IT world: its data. Get to know Resiliency Platform to discover its ability to inspire improved agility and speed in your business.