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InfoScale: Continuing the Legacy of Application Availability and Storage Management Innovation

At Veritas, we understand that IT infrastructure is necessary for you to operate.  However, we believe more crucial to the success of your business than the infrastructure is the information that resides there and the applications that process that information.  Our mission is to enable organizations to use this information regardless of where it resides to maximize business value.  We have a long and innovative heritage in the storage management and availability industry, which differentiates us from other alternatives that may exist.  Our solutions complement each other such that deep application awareness across heterogeneous infrastructure enables unmatched storage management and information delivery and efficiency.

Today we announced Veritas InfoScale™, continuing the legacy of application availability and storage management innovation and that will help our customers meet their business continuity and software-defined storage needs as they seek to leverage their information to win in the marketplace.  

Infoscale Image.png

InfoScale is an integrated portfolio of solutions designed to keep your information available, critical business applications running,  and storage at the highest performance levels even as you face pressure from data explosion, incorporation of new platforms, and emerging storage technologies. Veritas can do this on all major applications, databases, platforms and storage types that you are using today or plan to move to in the future.  Additionally, we can help you get to those new technologies non-disruptively.

Veritas InfoScale is designed to provide you with:

  • Agility to help you quickly and non-disruptively move to new platforms and storage
  • Performance that intelligently and automatically matches your applications to the appropriate storage class
  • Efficiency to help you get the most out of your storage environment from a cost and usage perspective

For more information, please visit the InfoScale homepage,