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Legacy Process: Receiving a License Key for a New Product in the Symantec Licensing Portal and Download Instructions

Level 6
Accredited Certified
Storage Foundation HA 5.1 introduces keyless feature enablement. The primary objective of keyless is to improve the customer experience with Storage Foundation HA (SFHA) and make it easier to deploy, manage and use our products. Note that a customer continues to be required to have valid licenses for the product they are running. Entitlement does not change in 5.1

As customer would still require NFR keys hence this document shall be useful for customers Register and get their license keys and make 5.1 With Key after 60 days or else if customer is running on older version then also they can use the same procedure for the aquisition of license keys. Also this document provides information on how to download their product that they have purchased.

If you need more information on SFHA5.1 keyless then please visit the blog introducing-keyless-feature-enablement-storage-foundation-ha-51

Dev Roy.