Multi Cloud Resilience with Veritas and AWS

Does your business need to foster innovation while advancing business agility?  Are you considering Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a component of your resilience plan?

As cloud adoption increases, organizations are looking to AWS for their cloud strategy despite concerns over control, compliance and governance.  Once viewed as a cost-efficient platform for innovation, organizations are now considering AWS for systems of record as well as their workload migration site for data protection. 

Take advantage of cloud data protection benefits while retaining control and compliance with Veritas Resiliency Platform and AWS.  Watch this video to learn more:  

Resiliency Platform is the industry’s only agnostic platform that lets you protect and retain control of virtual and physical workloads located on premise or in AWS. It integrates seamlessly into your environment and moves any sourced workload with a single-click into the cloud. 

Your business will experience: 

Increased Business Dexterity 

  • Automatic detection and tracking of components and their dependencies certifies AWS targets mirror on premise configurations
  • Estate-wide visibility breaks down organizational silos. Change management keeps teams informed when configurations drift out of compliance  
  • Need to scale your workload? Take advantage of the ability to up/downsize the AWS instance, choose public or private networks, and define security for availability zones
  • Migrate workloads from AWS back to on premise instances

 Validated Processes: 

  • Non-disruptive rehearsals let customers audition workload performance and cost before being migrated to AWS  
  • Once rehearsal is concluded, automated rollback and clean-up of the AWS environment is completed 

 Integration with Amazon Storage:

  • Integration into Elastic Block Storage (EBS) and Simple Storage Service (S3) produces faster migration and recovery objectives

The combination of Resiliency Platform and AWS helps you measure risk, increase agility and remain in control of both data and processes. Begin your journey to multi cloud resiliency by downloading a pilot version of Resiliency Platform today.