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Multi-cloud disaster recovery using NetBackup 8.2 and Resiliency Platform

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Organizations need to minimize and mitigate downtime and non-compliance risk caused by disasters, malicious attacks, and operational failures. But many organizations say they aren’t prepared to quickly respond to or protect against cyber-attacks and don’t know how to gauge their compliance to required regulations; and customers are always looking to improve their RTOs and RPOs.

Veritas helps organizations minimize and mitigate unwanted downtime by leveraging off-premises and cloud for disaster recovery purposes, including leading public clouds like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. With orchestrated disaster recovery through unified data protection and application recovery, organizations can leverage off-premises locations and public clouds as their disaster recovery target for automated business resilience.

“…in just a single click”

With NetBackup 8.2, organizations can now recover NetBackup images directly in object stores such as Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3). In NetBackup 8.1.2, support for object stores as a storage target for deduplicated backup images was added using NetBackup CloudCatalyst. In NetBackup 8.2, these backup images in the object stores can be recovered directly in Amazon Web Services, without the need/availability of the master server catalog which originally created the backup. It’s all automated and orchestrated, so can be performed in just a single click—from the discovery of the VMware environment to monitoring virtual machine health, to creating groups of virtual machines to be recovered together, to customizing the recovery environment including network, and storage and compute. Just one click!

Innovate with confidence, with Veritas

Veritas offers the industry’s only multi-cloud platform that recovers applications across different hypervisors, operating systems, storage arrays and cloud providers, like Amazon Web Services. This eliminates the need to purchase multiple solutions by supporting any workload across physical and virtual infrastructures, offering single-click resilience across all applications. Plus, it removes the fear of the unknown, freeing organizations to innovate with confidence.

We at Veritas are always looking for ways to make it easier and simpler for our customers to protect and recover data. In the video above, watch Tushar Bandopadhyay, lead architect for disaster recovery at Veritas showcase how you can expand data protection to automated business resilience as you journey to the cloud.