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NEW RELEASE: Introducing Storage Foundation High Availability 6.1

Level 3

Symantec today announced the release of Storage Foundation 6.1 and Cluster Server 6.1. This release enables organizations to adopt Flash/SSD for mission-critical workloads for increased and reliable performance without compromising on availability. This release also further enhances the high-availability and disaster recovery capabilities which our customers already use.


New features in this release include:

  • SmartIO - Granular, online caching at the application level. With SmartIO, application architects, server administrators, and database administrators can move reads and writes inside the server. In lab tests replicating real-world use-cases, SmartIO delivers up to 400% performance improvement while reducing storage costs by 80%.
  • Flexible Storage Sharing (FSS) - Simplify SSD/Flash adoption and realize the performance benefits without compromising on high-availability and flexibility. Using FSS, scale-out servers with Direct-Attached Storage (DAS) and experience near-local read and write performance to and from remote disks.
  • AdaptiveHA – Dynamic and intelligent failover. With AdaptiveHA, the applicator failover target is dynamically determined based on forecasted available capacity and resources at the target system
  • Single-click DR for RHEV - With the integration of Cluster Server 6.1 and Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization 3.2, a Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization site can failover to a disaster recovery site complete with guest, guest network, and storage reconfiguration and restart. Cluster Server also provides DR support for the RHEV-Manager over any distance.

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Existing Storage Foundation and Cluster Server customers with active maintenance are entitled to upgrade to the latest version at no charge.  Version Upgrade SKUs can be used by customers to reinstate lapsed maintenance.