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NEW RELEASE: Veritas Storage Foundation High Availability for Windows 6.0

On Dec 5th, Symantec released its newest version of Veritas Storage Foundation High Availability for Windows that includes advanced online storage management, high availability and disaster recovery for physical and virtual Microsoft Windows Server 2008 environments.The 6.0 release is part of the major refresh of Symantec’s storage and availability management portfolio.

New Features in Storage Foundation High Availability for Windows 6.0 include:

- Fast failover of clustered shared storage
- Instantaneous fault detection of cluster resources with Intelligent Monitoring Framework environment
- Disaster Recovery Manager for Hyper-V provides wide area disaster recovery for Hyper-V virtual machines
- Online Hyper-V Virtual Machine Storage Migration
- Site-aware allocation for campus clusters
- Online volume shrink
- Embedded security services for secure cluster configuration

Key Benefits of Storage Foundation High Availability for Windows 6.0 to our customers:

- Optimizes storage performance and availability without disrupting the OS, hypervisor or applications
- Enhances Hyper-V environments with advanced storage management and disaster recovery features
- Spreads I/O across multiple paths for maximized performance, with path-fault tolerance for protection against path failure
- Creates fault tolerant snapshot copies of data for quick recovery and off-host operations
- Replicates data across any distance for migration and disaster recovery. Application and replication agents provided by Veritas Cluster Server provide detailed application protection and recovery
- Improves operational efficiencies and visibility with centralized GUI management


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Podcast- Extending Data and Application Availability for Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Environments


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