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New Release: Symantec Operations Readiness Tool

Symantec has completed a new release of our Symantec Operations Readiness Tool (SORT).  In our continued pursuit to improve the total customer experience for our Storage Foundation and NetBackup customers, we’ve added the following features and improvements to the website:

  • Storage Foundation license calculator (and widget) for per core and per server tier license calculations []
  • Windows array device drivers (DDIs/DDLs) []
  • Improved notification set-up flow and user interface []
  • Simplified Chinese and Japanese product documentation
  • Hot fix and EEB release auditor widget for NetBackup []
  • Real time Storage Foundation patch information in uploaded Custom Reports
  • Verisign logo and verification link
  • SORT enhancement requests (Storage Foundation and NetBackup) tied to Symantec Connect ideas portal
  • Enhanced VOM API functionality for Storage Foundation patches
  • Installation and Upgrade General Checklist for OpsCenter and OpsCenter Analytics
  • Bundled VCS agents support on the High Availability Agent page []
  • Single downloadable package for VCS agents across all platforms