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New Veritas InfoScale Plug-in for Docker introduces support for Docker 1.11 Volume API

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This week 7.1 version for Veritas InfoScale was launched. This is a very exciting version for our Containers work as it includes features like Quality of Service, that can be used to avoid some containers consuming all the IO available from the systems, and Encryption, where we can secure some critical data used by containers. In addition to this, the number of nodes supported when using local storage (Flexible Storage Server) has been increased to 64.

At the same time, we are releasing a new version of the Docker Plug-in with added support for Docker 1.11 Volume API. This new version delivery mechanism has been changed to RPM for easier and better user experience.

The new version allows now the volume size specification during creation time, adding a –o size parameter. It also introduces better intelligence to choose the best storage layout based on the underlying resources and integrates with docker volume CLI.

Attached you can find a quick start guide that goes over a Veritas InfoScale 7.1 installation and configuration and the usage of the new plug-in. In order to allow most of the users to test this configuration and realize of their simplicity and robustness, the guide explains how to use VMware Workstation as a platform to experience the value Veritas InfoScale provides for Docker.

The new plug-in version is available here:

Enjoy and let us know your feedback!