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Redefining IT Service Continuity

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The IT Resilience landscape has been rapidly changing over the past several years - as Gautham notes in his “Time Machine” blog article,  IT Business Continuity strategies now are all about proactive detection, instant recovery and total predictability – and rightly so. Last week, we announced General Availability of Veritas Resiliency Platform – a solution that’s architected to future-proof your IT Resiliency Strategy with three key principles:  Predictability, Automation and Simplicity.

Predictability in meeting stringent SLAs

Can you confidently and consistently forecast your ability to recover IT Services within your slated business Service Level Agreements (SLAs)? Your answer will reveal the effectiveness of your IT Service Continuity strategy to effectively handle any event that impacts availability – a sudden spike in the workload demand or recovering from a natural disaster.

Resiliency Platform builds complete predictability into your IT Resiliency strategy. In real time, you can stay informed on how your applications are tracking to Service Levels of Availability across your many data centers through the centralized dashboard. You can even simulate a downtime event and rehearse your recovery end-to-end. Further, Resiliency Platform keeps an eye out on your behalf and proactively flags any recoverability risks that could impact you at a later time, if not identified and corrected.

Workload Automation for Recovery Procedures

When you have to recover an entire data center within a scheduled maintenance window, or in response to a natural disaster, working through a complicated sequence of manual steps can be daunting. With Resiliency Platform, you no longer have to work through rambling runbooks – recovery is fully automated and available with a single click through the user interface. Start the recovery and watch Resiliency Platform automatically drive through the complexities of storage, compute and application recovery!

Resiliency Platform also simplifies how you manage your multi-tier IT Services. You can now confidently choose the right virtualization solution and the right operating system for each component of your multi-tier IT service – Resiliency Platform seamlessly manages and orchestrates your IT Service across all these heterogeneous physical/virtual tiers, abstracting away the layers of complexity from your daily operational experience.

Simplicity of a single resiliency solution

Service Level Agreements are defined for your applications – not for your virtual machines! At Veritas we understand this completely - Resiliency Platform provides an Application-first attitude to recovery and visibility. Regardless of whether your applications are running in physical or virtual environments, or whether your applications are consolidated into single tiers or distributed across multiple tiers, you can protect all your applications with a few quick clicks through Resiliency Platform.

We also understand that one size does not fit all when it comes to architecting your Business Continuity strategy – scheduled maintenance on a single compute rack should not require you to fail over an entire site! Resiliency Platform allows you to protect a single application, a group of Virtual Machines, a multi-tier IT Service or an entire site, placing resiliency control back in your hands.

As your enterprise continuously innovates to meet changing business needs by adding new applications, new virtualization technologies and new compute choices, Veritas Resiliency Platform empowers you to stay ahead of the game and ensure 24x7 Business Continuity.  Veritas Resiliency Platform is now available for download – enjoy a 60 day free trial to explore its many powerful features!

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