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Resiliency and Data Mobility in AWS with Veritas Alta™ Application Resiliency

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Are you running applications in the cloud?  Are you looking for flexible and efficient ways to configure high availability within your cloud environment?  Clouds have shared responsibility models, which means that it’s up to you to make sure your applications are highly available and resilient.  A good way to do this is to have your applications running in a highly available configuration that spans cloud regions.  This requires a solution that can ensure your applications can be moved between cloud regions – which means that you also need to replicate your application data between regions.  This is why you need Veritas Alta Application Resiliency!

Veritas Alta Application Resiliency is new solution based on Veritas InfoScale, designed for applications running in the cloud.  Veritas Alta Application Resiliency provides high availability and optimization for mission-critical applications running in the cloud to minimize the risk of application downtime and data loss.  It helps you keep your applications up and running all the time. Take a look at this example of an enterprise multi-tier billing application.  Veritas Alta Application Resiliency can provide high availability within a cloud region and automated failover between cloud regions for the entire billing service!


A critical part of the Veritas Alta Application Resiliency solution is data replication in the cloud – which is where Veritas Alta Shared Storage comes in with a feature called Veritas Volume Replicator (VVR). VVR is an advanced data replication solution that manages continuous data replication to support the rapid and reliable recovery of mission-critical applications.

In this blog, we’ll look at how VVR can help you manage replication between 2 regions in AWS, to help ensure a highly available application configuration that protects you against a cloud availability zone or region outage.

Availability and DR in the Cloud

In this example we have an application running in a 4-node cluster in AWS using Veritas Alta Shared Storage to provide the shared storage pool and clustered file system for the cluster using a feature called Flexible Storage Sharing (FSS).  Veritas Alta Application Resiliency manages the cluster nodes and provides automated failover of the application between availability zones and regions in AWS.

Setup Details

  • Linux RHEL 8 machines with 16 CPU cores and 128 GB RAM on each node
  • Veritas Volume Replicator configured on one node in each Availability Zone
  • Replicator log volume mirrored across nodes for extra data resiliency
  • 4 node cluster on the Primary Site
  • 4 node cluster on the Secondary Site
  • 10Gb link between primary and secondary sites for replication traffic

Solution Overview

Veritas Alta Application Resiliency is designed for cloud environments and includes agents that are custom developed to integrate with cloud native services to monitor and manage service uptime in the cloud.  This includes things like cloud IP addresses and cloud storage.

In this example, Veritas Alta Application Resiliency is used to create a primary application cluster that spans availability zones, with a secondary application cluster available to take over operations in the event of a region-level failure where the primary application is running.   A custom script was also created to manage the IP addresses used as part of the data replication process.  The script uses a trigger to detect changes in the active cluster node within the availability zones, and when detected it validates the replication configuration state and manages IP changes.  The entire process is fully automated and managed by Veritas Alta Application Resiliency, which can automatically initiate a failover operation in the event of an outage in the cloud – ensuring maximum uptime for the entire billing service.

The overall configuration is represented in the following diagram:




Ensuring that your applications are highly available in the cloud is every bit as important as application uptime in traditional on-premises environments.  Veritas Alta Application Resiliency is a cloud-focused solution designed to ensure that your applications are highly available in the cloud, enabling you to run your IT services in the cloud with confidence.

For a technical overview of InfoScale, Alta Application Resiliency and VVR, check out the paper in this link. For more information on Veritas Alta, check out the website here.  Additional information can be found in the Technical Library.