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Tell Product Management What Content You’d Like to See on Symantec Connect And You Could Win 100 Reward Points!
Product Management for High Availability, Disaster Recovery and Replication at Symantec wants your input! We’re looking for suggestions about the topics you’d like to know more about. Your input is valuable as it is our goal to deliver the information that you are looking for and empower you to fully utilize our solutions.
  • If you could to talk directly to the Veritas Cluster Server, Global Cluster Option or Volume Replication development team about a feature or function, what would it be?
  • What would be the most useful type of content, e.g. articles, technical screencast/video demo, blog tips and tricks?
  • Would having a place on Symantec Connect where other users could share their scripts, both custom agents and trigger scripts,  be helpful?  For example, a customer recently asked where they could find example trigger scripts
We have plans to showcase product use cases, demonstrate features in the product that are all but commonplace and as such tend to be forgotten and spotlight new features and how they can be implemented.  Your input will give priority to the topics discussed and demonstrated.

Please post your ideas and suggestions in the comments below, and vote on other people’s ideas as well. As a thank you for your input, we will be giving out a 100 point Connect Rewards prize to the person with the most votes on their suggestion by July 15th, 2010.

I think Video Documentation on how to do some specific tasks would be helpful, as often the documentation Terms are rather confusing.
Let us know the topics you are interested in and we'll work with the product teams to see if we can provide the information in video format.

Online Community Manager

CURRENT Wait times for Support.  Wow, been on hold 3.5 hours today and I am rated critical.  :0  This is a joke.
Hi @C2 Computers,
Sorry to hear your situation and hope all is resolving. Is there some information regarding your Storage and Clustering product experience that would have helped to have a video, technical demo, detailed article or blog to walk through the steps for you? Product Management is looking for  input from customers on this subject so that we can add relevant and useful content on Connect.

~ Community Manager

Sun/Oracle and NetApp are publishing Blueprints (Sun) and Technical Reports (NetApp), where Best Practices are documented in a very useful style. The provide many hands-on examples an Best Practise implementation of their products with other vendor products. The Best HA Guides i have ever read, were written by Jim Senicka in 2001 (Using VCS, Using VCS with Oracle, VCS Daemons and Communication). Easy Reading, easy learning.

The most useful content for HA in my oppinion, is the maileng Mailinglist ( Tom Stephens and Jim Senicka are posting solution to almost any problem. Would be great if these solutions are provided here, too, maybe in a consolidated manner.


I believe videos / mailcasts are best suited since they are very easy to understand & gives a demo .. some videos which I believe seeing type of posts would be helpful are:

a) How to encapsulate / unencapsulate a disk.

b) Best way to break off Veritas rootmirror (break off mirror is always recommended whenever any OS/software patching is done), this keeps alive an option to fail back.

c) How to add a node to VCS cluster

d) How to find correct documentation (many posts comes for finding right documents), a video which clearly suggests where to go for finding release related info/ HCLs, or some procedure to perform some task. browsing the vos site etc..

e) basic info on VCS triggers & their use, a ver quick demo on how to configure triggers

giving these outputs having in mind the type of posts that come in frequently....


How about having something like Quick Online Testing Tools (or more simple interactive quizzes) which you can link to your points scheme or even expand into something like what Brainbench is offering.

That way more people would get awareness and more returning visitors would be there in the website.
I would like to see webcasts offered about Virtualization and packaging. Or post past webcasts on connect...with Virtualization being in Beta it would be nice to also let others post there videos or thoughts on how the process is going. 
Thanks everyone for all of the contributions! Product Management is reviewing all of your suggestions and coming up with a content plan. Congratulations to Gaurav, who had the most specific ideas in his post.

For demonstration the best ways are:

  1. Video (live and than recorded) demo - we (partners, customers) can download them and put on the intranet to educate our staff on Symantec products;
  2. Hands-on-labs (available for online pass through);
  3. Flash clickthrough demo - downloadable (with the purpose to go through real-life usage scenarios without setting up the real environment)

Great idea! +1 It should be some 5 to 12 minutes video. We can use community for that.

For Cluster Server - how to videos, like those Dave High did on NBU.

For example: How to determine HW requirements.

Agree. Short videos work fine. We are using this in Moscow for software web-seminars. Should work good for Symantec!