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Unifying the Software Defined Data Center

Level 4

                After 15 years in the industry I have seen a lot of “truths” as hardware, software, and deployments have evolved. While not all of them have panned out, there are two that continue to prove themselves:

  • Applications drive the business
  • Data is the gas for those applications individually each has spawned new industries and markets, one cannot function without the other.   In the consumer world my iPhone and its apps are the best thing in the world…until there’s no data source. Conversely, my full bar connection is meaningless when Safari keeps crashing while loading a website.

                The same is true in the enterprise. Enterprises have, and will continue to, spend untold billions on trying to stitch together disparate solution and point tools to do one basic thing: Keep the Application and its Data accessible.  While not impossible, trying to piece together solutions takes highly trained and skilled workers to build the basic foundation of an application infrastructure. All the effort and training in the world doesn’t guarantee that the next upgrade of any single component of your business service won’t compromise that hard fought stability.


                At Veritas, we take a unified, software defined approach to managing storage and application availability through a single integrated solution. Veritas InfoScale is the truth when it comes to providing a software defined data center. Through advanced storage management, unmatched vendor and platform support, and best in class application insight, InfoScale enables the business service to be architected to meet the three legs of the SLA stool: Performance, Availability and Cost.  Avoiding the piecemeal of point solutions, InfoScale is a single solution for the enterprise to keep the world running and information flowing as life happens.