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Veritas Alta Application Resiliency: manage your cloud shared responsibilities with confidence

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Are you moving your data center to the cloud?  Are you already running applications and infrastructure in the cloud?  Moving to the cloud is often not that simple.  How do you ensure that your business technology is highly available and performs as required?   In a cloud environment, the shared responsibility model means that ensuring your IT services are online and working properly is entirely up to you.  This is why you need Veritas Alta Application Resiliency!

Veritas Alta Application Resiliency is a software-defined optimization solution for mission-critical applications that minimizes the risk of application downtime and data loss to help keep your applications up and running all the time. It gives you the flexibility to run your applications on nearly any physical, virtual or cloud platform. This means you can move from an on-premises datacenter to the cloud, and between cloud platforms to optimize costs, service availability and resiliency!  And don’t forget innovation.  Veritas Alta Application Resiliency enables you to architect your IT services using the best available cloud technology without having to worry about being locked-in to any one provider. 

Let’s take a look at how this works in the cloud.


Availability and DR in the Cloud

Since the cloud shared responsibility model leaves application management to the end user, it is critical for organizations to have a proven enterprise-grade solution to manage application uptime in the cloud. Veritas Alta Application Resiliency's application aware clustering and high availability services ensure your applications are always online.   


Figure 1. How Veritas Alta Application Resiliency helps you manage your cloud shared responsibility

Veritas Alta Application Resiliency has a proven track record of managing cloud infrastructure and applications, and has several advanced features that keep your applications ‘always-on’ in the cloud:

  • Application High Availability – eliminate costs, latency, and the single point of failure you have with cloud native load balancing services.  You can also failover your IT services to other cloud providers and on-premises datacenters, which is not possible with tools like Pacemaker that only work within a single cloud environment
  • Application Resiliency – achieve a near-zero RT0/RPO for your applications in the cloud.  Integrated fencing and I/O shipping protects your data from hardware and software failures in the underlying cloud infrastructure and provide more secure and reliable storage than NFS-based cloud services

Veritas Alta Application Resiliency also has a Virtual Business Service (VBS) feature that enables you to manage multi-tier applications as single consolidated entities. Using VBS, you can completely automate the recovery or migration of a complex multi-tier IT service in cloud, hybrid-cloud, and multi-cloud environments – which helps simplify operations and eliminate downtime.


Shared Storage in the Cloud

Veritas Alta Application Resiliency includes Veritas Alta Shared Storage, which has a feature called Flexible Storage Sharing (FSS).  FSS allows you to use cloud-native block storage services such as AWS EBS and Azure managed disk to create secure, enterprise grade shared storage that can be used within an application cluster. Veritas storage eliminates security concerns that arise with NFS storage which is inherently less secure and is visible by default to all systems across the network – which can expose your data to unauthorized users who may be able to gain access to your cloud environment.


Figure 2. Veritas Alta Shared Storage in cloud environments with intelligent data caching

Using Veritas Alta Shared Storage in your cloud environment also provides better performance than cloud native NFS storage services which are often not suitable for enterprise applications with more demanding performance requirements.  Some key benefits of using Veritas Alta Shared Storage in the cloud:

  • Performance – easily configure high performance shared storage in cloud networks using native cloud block storage services.  With SmartIO data caching, application reads can be served from ephemeral SSD storage to reduce cloud storage costs, while writes can be served from a cheaper storage tier.  
  • Scalability – shared storage volumes in the cloud can be easily scaled to accommodate nearly any application running on public cloud infrastructure. You can also scale storage and compute independently to help reduce cloud service costs
  • Resiliency – Veritas storage clusters provide parallel access to application data and can be configured to span cloud provider zones and regions to minimize the impact of cloud service outages. 


Cloud Migration and Data Repatriation

Migrating to the cloud can be challenging, and at some point, you may need to repatriate applications to an on-premises datacenter.  Veritas Alta Application Resiliency enables the migration of nearly any application to the cloud and can also help you repatriate your applications to on-premises datacenters if need arises.  Using Veritas Alta Application Resiliency to help with cloud migrations gives you:

  • Availability – reduce the risk of downtime by automating most of the cloud migration process. Veritas Alta Application Resiliency also provides full bi-directional high availability for your applications once they are migrated to the cloud environment, so they’re usable and highly available right away
  • Reliability – with full bi-directional HADR support for cloud, hybrid-cloud, and multi-cloud topologies, Veritas Alta Application Resiliency can help you move applications back on-premises for any reason
  • Validation – non-disruptively test your applications in an isolated network segment in the cloud using temporarily provisioned cloud infrastructure.


Figure 3. Veritas Alta Application Resiliency provides full bi-directional mobility for your applications



Having the right technology to move and run your IT services in the cloud is key to providing the best and smoothest experience for your end users.  Veritas Alta Application Resiliency is designed to keep your applications ‘always-on’ in the cloud, and it provides the enterprise features and functionality you need to migrate and manage your IT services in the cloud with confidence.

Check out this short video to learn about some other interesting things that Veritas Alta Application Resiliency can do in the cloud! You can also see a quick demo here.  For the full overview of how Veritas Alta Application Resiliency works in the cloud, check out the whitepaper in this link.