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Veritas InfoScale Across VMware Virtual SAN

Level 4

Since I wrote the Storage Foundation Cluster File System HA on VMware VMDK Deployment Guide we have seen a lot of deployments using that architecture. Given that both Veritas and VMware have evolved the product in order to achieve the benefits of using local storage, I thought it was a good time to provide some new information about new configuration options.

VMware released Virtual SAN, which can create a Data Store using local disks. In the same way, Veritas InfoScale offers Flexible Storage Sharing capabilities, which can creates a clustered file system using any local storage, and making the file system accessible to all the nodes, which can write and read to that file system at the same time. This is a usual use case for ETL (Extract Transform Load) workloads where different hosts have to process information that is shared across all of them. Another typical use case is to provide fast failover, so the service can be recovered in a minimal time. InfoScale Enterprise integrates the Cluster File System capabilities, so the file system is always mounted and accessible with Intelligent Monitoring Framework, which is able to detect an application failure in no time.

So in this new guide Sunny and I wanted to cover how InfoScale Storage/Enteprise can be used on top of VMware using Flexible Storage Sharing capabilities. And also we wanted to document it in the case that Virtual SAN is also used. By combining both products we can create a high resiliency configuration without having to use any shared storage.

Carlos & Sunny