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Veritas InfoScale Enterprise and TIBCO Enterprise Message Service

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Veritas InfoScale Enterprise helps maximize resiliency, performance, and availability of almost any application on a plethora of operating systems and platforms (including public and private clouds and hypervisors).

I want to explain how InfoScale works in concert with TIBCO Enterprise Message Service (EMS), to build a resilient, highly available enterprise messaging system. If you aren’t familiar with TIBCO EMS, it is an enterprise-grade Message Service broker that allows any application to quickly and easily exchange messages. Many organizations use it today to connect enterprise applications to enable business process workflows.

It could not be understated what a problem it would be to the operation of a business if the TIBCO EMS system were rendered inoperable through some unforeseen disaster.

InfoScale provides the foundation to ensure that TIBCO EMS is always operating and protected from data loss, ensuring it can withstand interruptions, such as hardware failure or even natural disaster.

InfoScale ensures that the TIBCO EMS service is running, either on a primary node or a secondary node in a cluster. You can even failover to a second cluster hosted on a public cloud platform provided by Amazon, Azure, or GCP.

As well, InfoScale provides a Cluster File System (CFS) that is fully compliant with TIBCO’s shared storage criteria to ensure that parallel access to TIBCO EMS data is available. In other words, when one TIBCO EMS service fails, the second standby service is started up immediately with zero data loss.

Figure 1 TIBCO EMS and InfoScale Enterprise SolutionFigure 1 TIBCO EMS and InfoScale Enterprise Solution

The main components to the InfoScale and TIBCO EMS solution are shown in the diagram above and described in detail below.

  • Cluster File System (CFS) – CFS is fully compliant with the TIBCO shared storage criteria for fault tolerance. CFS provides highly available, parallel access to files so that standby TIBCO EMS servers can quickly recover in case of a failover event. CFS provides better lock management over NFS and makes failover more reliable.
  • Flexible Storage Sharing (FSS) – A feature of CFS that provides a more cost-effective and higher performing shared storage solution than SANs.  FSS allows network shared storage to co-exist with physically shared storage, and logical volumes can be created using both types of storage, enabling a common storage namespace. Logical volumes using network shared storage provide data redundancy, high availability, and disaster recovery capabilities, without requiring physically shared storage. FSS is transparent to file systems and applications.
  • Veritas Cluster Server (VCS) – Eliminates planned and unplanned downtime by clustering critical applications and resources required by TIBCO EMS. VCS monitors and detects failures in TIBCO EMS resources with the Intelligent Monitoring Framework (IMF) without the overhead of a poll-based system. VCS includes agent-based monitoring and automation that ensures clean application shut down and restart after a failure.
  • Veritas InfoScale Operations Manager (VIOM) – VIOM is a platform and vendor agnostic centralized management console for Veritas InfoScale Availability, InfoScale Storage, and other third-party infrastructure. Veritas InfoScale Operations Manager is used for monitoring, visualization, and management of system and storage resources. VIOM is also a reporting engine and can generate multiple reports, including a risk analysis report that can summarize issues that may arise within an environment that could reduce high availability and disaster recovery readiness.

Not only is InfoScale capable of protecting your TIBCO EMS system on-premises. It is also capable of ensuring that it is highly available between data centers in multiple geographic locations, as well as on a public cloud platform in a hybrid configuration.

To fully protect your TIBCO EMS system and reduce your downtime across different locations or with a hybrid cloud configuration, you need to protect both your data and have a solution that automates the failover of your application. InfoScale provides this using these two following features.

The first, Veritas Volume Replication (VVR), replicates your data into another datacenter or a public cloud platform. On-premises, your TIBCO EMS/InfoScale cluster is configured to replicate data into a second cluster in a second location.

Second, the Global Cluster Option enables InfoScale to communicate from the on-premises cluster to the second cluster, to enable failover in the event of a disaster or service interruption.

If the requirement exists, these InfoScale features provide the flexibility for you to build a multi-cloud solution to maximize uptime for your business.Figure 2 Multicloud SolutionFigure 2 Multicloud Solution

To read more about this solution, please see my whitepaper: Increasing Availability and Efficiency for TIBCO Enterprise Message Service

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