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Veritas InfoScale plus Oracle Cloud Infrastructure keeps Mobile Calls connected in Latin America

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One of the most prolific applications offered by Ericsson is their Billing service. Designed as an evolution from the BSCS iX offering, Ericsson Billing is the lifeblood of revenue streams from traditional to 5G telecom, and emerging IOT solutions. Knowing how dependent customers can become on this application, the need for resiliency and durability goes without saying. Moreover, as customers accelerate their cloud adoption plans, the need to support a well-defined and reliable HA/DR and migration framework can -and often is- the make-or-break aspect of a successful transition to the public cloud. 

Many customers choose to deploy this software in the public cloud to reduce the overall expense associated with workloads such as the Ericsson Billing system. One example in the South American market is Oracle Cloud Infrastructure or OCI. 

Even considering that much of today’s public cloud infrastructure is already redundant and scalable, it is still critical for you to take the necessary steps for your applications to be as resilient as possible – and that’s where Veritas InfoScale delivers! We make applications resilient and durable to support your most mission-critical workloads. 

By leveraging InfoScale’s high availability and storage management features, users cannot only mitigate the most common culprits of downtime but also deliver on a more elastic and adaptable Ericsson Billing environment. In fact, we can even ‘stretch’ application clusters across availability domains and regions while still keeping an on-premises copy updated to ensure your applications are protected from all manner of service disruptions both on-prem and in OCI.  

The Ericsson Billing system consists of three main components, two of which connect to external Oracle databases. Each component (including the external databases) must be up and running correctly for billing to process. If one of these components fails at any point, the entire service is compromised and revenue will be directly impacted. InfoScale’s Virtual Business Service is ideal for this scenario. 

Virtual Business Service provides connections between multiple systems. These connections ensure that the individual billing applications are running and that the external database servers are functioning properly and that the billing applications can connect to them. If anything happens to the external servers, remediation can be performed to bring the databases back online so the billing services continue to run.

Due to InfoScale’s hardware and operating system agnosticism, Veritas is uniquely positioned to provide availability and software-defined storage for these multi-tier environments, as many of them run on legacy operating systems that may not be completely supported by newer cloud environments, or may require bare-metal instances mixed with VMs. Regardless of your environment, you can rest assured that Veritas InfoScale can keep your applications up and running.

If you currently run Ericsson’s billing application or any other application that requires a minimum downtime, you can get more information on InfoScale at or by contacting your local sales representative.