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Veritas Predictive Insights: Preventing an IT crisis

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Confession – I enjoy movies, and have a particular interest in action and sci-fi movies. I also attempt to look for connections on what I do professionally with what I see on-screen. While I have always thought of myself a little bit like Yoda, people who know me would likely call me an Ewok at best. Although the reel-life may not mirror real-life perfectly, I find there are plenty of similarities. For instance, I recently watched a movie about a special agent working for a government agency to stop evil forces from destroying the world. He faces many challenges, and the odds are stacked against him as he faces villains that are smart and ruthless. But the special agent has a dedicated support team to call on, and they use the latest technology to aid him in his efforts. Together they manage to save the day. (Again, I might add!)

I realize this is not a unique storyline. And you may be wondering – what does an action movie have to do with Veritas and the challenges our customers are facing?

The Hero’s Motive: Stop the evil of unplanned downtime and insufficient critical data access

The true hero for us at Veritas are our customers. We understand our customers today need to be able to store, protect, access and manage their data. But these tasks have to be performed with the least possible downtime, avoiding unplanned maintenance, and ensuring service level agreements (SLAs) are met. The risks and costs associated with unplanned downtime and lack of access to critical business data present a formidable danger to modern businesses. And like any of the unsurmountable odds that the hero encounters in the movies, there are several factors which compound the challenge for our customers:

  • Trends such as unplanned storage growth
  • Unforeseen circumstances such as component failure and environmental anomalies
  • Preventable factors such as outdated firmware and missing patches

The Support Team: Have the right set of people with the skill-set to help

Like the movies, at Veritas our objective is to offer an all-star sds_vox_v1h.jpgsupport experience to our customers through a field and services team that has years of institutional knowledge gained from support cases and evidence of issues and resolutions. Veritas support experience has evolved from a reactive response (and the associated extended diagnostic and resolution times) to a proactive response, which can help prevent potential failures. Our customers can breathe easy knowing a world-class support team from Veritas has them covered.

1000X1000_VOX_SDS_Predictive Insights Announcemen-Social Graphic.pngThe X-Factor: Have the right technology to support your goal

Veritas is using to the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and continuous Machine Learning (ML) to  analyze data from thousands of Veritas appliances—collected via Veritas AutoSupport—to detect potential issues, monitor Veritas system health and offer proactive and prescriptive remediation. Detecting and addressing problems before they occur can give our customers a competitive edge by reducing or eliminating unplanned outages.

Introducing Veritas Predictive Insights

Today we are proud to announce the availability of Veritas Predictive Insights to our customers. Veritas Predictive Insights “Always-On” intelligent and data-driven decision-making capabilities and optimized services ensures that customers have an enriched support experience that is fast, proactive and prescriptive. Through continuous monitoring of customers’ installations, and real-world input from service personnel, the Veritas AI/ML Engine delivers predictive insights about a customer’s environment, resulting in proactive recommendations and actions to improve their business operations.

Veritas appliance customers with the AutoSupport feature turned on can maximize the benefits of Veritas Predictive Insights instantly and achieve improved ROI on their appliances. Predictive Insights delivers better product and customer satisfaction and helps customers reduce unplanned downtime, ensure faster time-to-fault resolution and reduce overall TCO.

And in the words of Yoda:

“In a dark place we find ourselves, and a little more knowledge lights our way.”

To learn more about Veritas Predictive Insights, please visit

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