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Veritas Resiliency Platform 2.0 released today




Yesterday’s approach to resiliency was complex and costly because organizations relied on a combination of cumbersome manual recovery operations and multiple point products. As customers adopt public, private, and hybrid clouds today, the business resiliency tools of yesterday are no longer suited to best help customers deliver on their Service Level Objectives. This new reality where customers still have business-critical applications running on traditional architectures but are also adopting cloud and evolving their applications as custom and purpose-built for cloud, creates even more complexity and further complicates resiliency.

The world doesn’t stop for organizations as they innovate and customers need an efficient way to manage resiliency for their ever-changing and complex environments – this is where Veritas adds value. We are the only company that can help organizations manage business resiliency across their complex, hybrid environments that span multiple virtualization technologies, multiple operating systems, and platforms including new cloud architectures. With Resiliency Platform, Veritas helps our customers proactively ensure resiliency for their business-critical applications across public, private and hybrid clouds, with a single solution to cost-efficiently meet all their uptime Service Level Objectives.


What’s new in this release?
The 2.0 release of Resiliency Platform provides the following key capabilities: 

  • Veritas Resiliency Platform Data Mover is VMware certified and utilizing the VAIO API IO Filter. It is Hypervisor-based, and guarantees low Recovery Point Objectives (RPO).This is important because our customers now get the choice of using a data mover that is best suited to their application RPO It is also a key step in expanding our approach into DRaaS technology enablement for service providers. Because it is hypervisor-based, we help customers and partners eliminate expensive storage costs and avoid vendor lock-in.
  • Extended 3rd Party Replication Technology Support. We are committed to delivering key platform support that is important to our customers. We have added new technology support in this 2.0 release and will continue to expand our ecosystem based on customer needs. For example, we have expanded our support for NetApp storage environments.
  • Customizable Service Objective Templates that will help our customers and partners consistently deliver predictable Service Level Objectives across their complex environments. This is also another example of providing capabilities that are meaningful to service providers.


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