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Virtualizing Business Critical Applications with Confidence

To maximize efficiency of current IT resources, organizations are virtualizing an increasing number of applications in the data center.  There are many benefits from virtualization such as cost savings for power, cooling and space.  However, not all IT organizations are comfortable with the risk involved when virtualizing business critical applications.  There are several reasons for this.  For example with basic VMware HA, customers do not have visibility into application availability and often issues must be resolved manually after being reported by people using the services that application provides. Current solutions around this either degrade performance or eliminate VMware functionality like vMotion and DRS, resulting in most customers not virtualizing their business critical applications.  Symantec is now announcing ApplicationHA.

To solve the virtualization challenges, Symantec ApplicationHA leverages VMware HA’s app-awareness API to provide comprehensive application availability in VMware environments. Symantec ApplicationHA and VMware HA together protect against application failures, virtual machine and physical host failures. ApplicationHA enables customers to virtualize their business critical applications with confidence to provide SLAs comparable to physical environments. 

ApplicationHA was developed in partnership with VMware and improves application awareness and control for business critical applications in VMware environments:

  • Recover business critical applications from hardware, software and application failures automatically
  • Integration with VMware vCenter– Improves manageability and troubleshooting of applications by providing visibility of the application status though VMware’s vCenter to the VMware infrastructure and server administrators
  • Compatible with VMware capabilities – Allows continued use of native VMware tools such as vMotion and DRS.
  • Based on Symantec’s industry leading clustering technology in Veritas Cluster Server

Together, Symantec and VMware work to help customers move business-critical applications into VMware virtual machines.
Key Benefits with the use of ApplicationHA

  • Will integrate with customer’s VMware HA environments to reduce their operational costs for manually managing application availability and downtime
  • Symantec ApplicationHA + vCenter plugin for visualization and control of applications. Allows customers to realize immediate value and get faster return on their investment in areas such as visualize, start, stop unstable applications in the virtual machine
  • Will provide advanced application awareness to assist with the availability of mission critical applications inside the virtual machine
  • Will provide visibility into VMware environments with very little footprint on the VMware HA server
  • Symantec ApplicationHA  will also reduce their deployment costs by providing faster and easier installation and deployment as it is a push install to multiple virtual machines

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